Monday, September 2, 2019

Crazy Government Propaganda (Drug War Edition)

More than 120 law enforcement officers from 30 different agencies in Virginia, North Carolina and Texas arrested dozens of people involved in an alleged drug trafficking ring and seized enough fentanyl to kill more than 14 million people in a sting called Operation Cookout, according to a government statement reports The Hill.

Actually, what the operation proves is the absurd steps government will take, and the propaganda they will issue, to appear useful.
"Enough fentanyl to kill more than 14 million people"? Really? Is that what they stopped: 14 million people from dying?

According to The American Journal of Managed Care overdose deaths involving synthetic opioids, including fentanyl, in the 12-month period ending December 2018 were 31,000 in the United States.

According to the Center for Disease Control, more people die each year from influenza/pneumonia ( 55,672 in 2016).

And it should be noted that fentanyl deaths would be even lower if the synthetic was legalized for recreational use and not have to be obtained on the black market. Government is the real killer here by making fentanyl illegal  and thus not permitting above ground quality checks to emerge.



  1. There are only two groups that benefit from keeping recreational drugs illegal: drug lords and law enforcement. Both need them kept illegal to keep the money flowing.

  2. Yes, it could kill 14 million, but it would be much more profitable as 140 million doses. Dead customers tend not to be repeat customers.