Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Anti-Homeless Architecture: Boulders Placed on San Francisco Sidewalk to Keep Homeless Away

Despite having no powers of the state, the private sector always attempts to find solutions to problems.

About two dozen boulders now sit along a half-block stretch of sidewalk on Clinton Park, a residential side street near Market and Dolores streets in San Francisco, reports KTVU.

The boulders are meant as barriers to keep homeless people from camping out.

"Since the rocks, it has helped," said neighbor Ernesto Jerez.

"They'll shoot up and stay overnight," said neighbor David Smith-Tan.

He told KTVU that his family received a letter from the neighborhood about a month ago addressing the sidewalk problem.

"A bunch of my neighbors, we all chipped in a few hundred dollars and I guess this is what they came up with," he said.

"There's actually a name for it. It's called anti-homeless architecture," Jennifer Friedenbach, executive director of the Coalition On Homelessness, told KTVU. 

Of course, if the government, led by wacko lefties, would get out of the way, there would be a housing solution for the homeless provided by private sector charity as well.



  1. Oh, what a perfect solution (no sarcasm). Not as unsightly, smelly, or noisy as the homeless, and the homeless would need to exert effort to remove the boulders.

  2. I have seen similar anti-homeless architecture in medians. Six inch crushed (jagged not smooth rounded river rock) is used in lieu of pavement so it is more difficult for beggars to stand in the median areas at stop lights with their “Will not work for anything” signs.