Saturday, August 10, 2019

What Would Drive Me to Support the Re-Election of Donald Trump

As a follow up to the post, Elizabeth Warren is an American Communist, I am posting here a recent exchange I had with Walter Block and Michael Edelstein:

From Edelstein
To Block and Wenzel:


I suggest you initiate Libertarians for Tulsi, in the style of Libertarians for Trump.

Warm regards, Michael

Michael R. Edelstein, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
415-673-2848 (24/7)


Author of Three Minute Therapy
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relationships, panic attacks and addiction

From Block:

Too short lived, unless she’s the democratic nominee

But, I’ve invited her to speak at Loyola

Walter E. Block, Ph.D.
Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair and Professor of Economics
Loyola University New Orleans
New Orleans, LA 70118                                                      

From Wenzel:

There is some speculation she might become the Green Party candidate.

If Pochantas becomes the Dem nominee, I may join Libertarians for Trump.

Robert Wenzel
Editor & Publisher
San Francisco, CA

From Block:

Dear Bob (Donald Fan-Boy):

Why? Isn’t Hillary just as bad as Pocahantas? I see these two viragos as having much the same views. You favored Hillary over Donald on the ground that we libertarians could promote our movement in opposition to Hillary better than against Donald. Wouldn’t this apply to Elizabeth Warren as well?

From Wenzel:

I see Hillary as just a crony and too lazy to make any serious movement toward across the board socialism.

On the other hand, Pocahantas doesn't seem to be driven by money and cronyism but rather a religious zeal to cental plan everything. And she is smart enough and focused enough to do much more damage than Trump or Hillary.

From Block:

I hear you


  1. If she became the Green Party candidate, wouldn't that split the democratic vote and all but guarantee a Trump victory in 2020?

    1. No. Mainline democrats like the warfare state. She'll pull only anti-war voters away from Ds and Rs. Probably in roughly equal numbers.

  2. I'll probably have to vote for Trump again at this point. Everyone of the Democratic candidates are whack jobs in some way. Maybe we could get an Augusto Pinochet in the next 10 years where we could physically remove leftist from society and open border libertarians or at least send them somewhere where they can appreciate all that awesome 'duh-versity'.