Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Very Confused Immigrant Hate

The cranes of Oakland.
At the post, Ann Coulter Says Libertarians are Pussies, limelemon and Lab manager comment:
limelemonAugust 20, 2019 at 12:23 PM
Import the third-world, become the third-world. 
The Lab ManagerAugust 20, 2019 at 2:15 PM
I have said that many time, but libertardians are just what Ann Coulter describes. Somehow importing people from 80IQ countries or those cultures with not concept of free markets or rule of law advances White European civilization and libertarianisum.

limelemonAugust 20, 2019
RW always avoids responding to this point. 
Once again, these immigrant haters have to be totally delusional. Do they seriously think that it is undocumented immigrants that are leading the social justice warrior charge?

What cave do these haters live in? Are Elizabeth Warren and Rachel Maddow illegal immigrants?

Is the New York Times'  social justice "1619 Project" led by illegal immigrants?

As I have pointed out in the past, and Jordan Peterson mentions in passing in this talk, because of the strong family culture of Latinos, they could very well lead the assault against SJWs.

Further, when limelemon writes: "Import the third-world, become the third-world": He is totally confused about the nature of the immigration going on. He is thinking in a Keynesian aggregate manner that excludes the micro nature of what is going on.

The immigration advance is actually expanding the growth and luxury of white civilization. In San Francisco/Oakland, gentrification is expanding the white-base, and the same is occurring in most cities in the United States.

The amount of construction going on in the San Francisco/Oakland area is truly astounding (especially in Oakland) where gentrification is pushing out blacks and Hispanics. But, I would say about 70% of the workers on the massive construction projects, that are going up for whites (and some Asians), are Hispanic workers. 

There is no way these workers are going to be able to afford to live in the luxury developments but without them, we would never have as many projects in the first place.

So they sneak into the country and work on projects that make life more luxurious, expansionary and civilized for the white man. And after a hard day of work, they go home to the outskirts, to sleep in tight quarters, to wake up the next day and continue building luxury for the white man again.

Immigration hate is surface-level thinking that displays and an incredible amount of ignorance about the nature of how a civilized, complex society works. 



  1. At whose expense? What is the cost? Latinos vote left more than Whites.

    Google - state by state costs of illegal immigration – then click on images
    Google - Most illegal immigrants in US receive government benefits, costing taxpayers billions: experts
    Google - how Latinos vote pew

    1. What will happen after amnesty and these 11 million illegals get to vote? You DO NOT import low-IQ in a democracy.

    2. No need to import it, the US has grown its own for years among all the statists of western European heritage.

    3. Mass Immigration + Duh-mocracy = Subjugation

  2. "Is the New York Times' social justice "1619 Project" led by illegal immigrants?"

    This is getting closer to what I have been arguing. Indeed the state must be fixed here first. The problem is what collectivism here attracts. The problem comes from the state. Fix that first and immigration fixes itself. Otherwise the collectivists will use immigration to move the balance in their favor.

    Yes, libertarian minded immigrants will typically stand in opposition to allowing in or supporting those who would be dependent upon government. That's what the libertarian minded immigrants ran away from. They don't want it following them.

    Those who want collectivism in the USA want immigrants who will be dependent on government and agitate for more government. People won't magically become libertarian in their outlook when they cross a border. Either they are already and that is what attracts them or the environment demands they become that way.

    That said, one could convert a libertarian minded person into a collectivist given the right circumstances.

    "So they sneak into the country and work on projects that make life more luxurious, expansionary and civilized for the white man. And after a hard day of work, they go home to the outskirts, to sleep in tight quarters, to wake up the next day and continue building luxury for the white man again."

    Sounds like a perfect recipe exploit politically to build resentment and agitate people for collectivism. Of course if SF and CA in general wasn't run the way it is run they could be building nice housing they can afford and live in either instead of or in addition to the luxury stuff. But thanks to government the lower end of the of the new housing market doesn't make sense to build.

  3. Melonballer and Labradoodle are just a couple of delusional broken losers.

    1. Ad hominem attacks are an indication that you lost the debate.

    2. Listen up 7up.

      Calling for violence against innocent people is evidence that you're an asshole.

      Calling for violence against innocent people because you're scared is evidence that you're a coward.

      Whining about people responding to your calls for violence against innocent people with mild discourtesy is evidence that you're a wuss.

      Calling for a radical expansion of state power because you're concerned about expansion of state power is evidence that you're a schmuck.

      Science is fun!

    3. Are you a little kid, or just low IQ?

    4. Are you a refreshing bubbly citrus beverage?

    5. Donxon: Melonballer and Labradoodle are just a couple of delusional broken losers.

      Well, that convinced me. Such exquisite reasoning from the SJW. How could I have been so blind?

    6. Mister Spock: I'm not the one calling for state violence against innocent people.

      So far the only reason given for their calls for violence against innocent people is that they are afraid. This is laughable to a libertarian. It's just like global warming hysteria or war on terror nonsense : "I'm afraid so I want the state to use violence against innocent people."

      Every idiot cheering on a stupid government program has something he's terrified would happen without the government program. They are all insufficient justification for threatening and assaulting your neighbors. Your neurosis and cowardice do not grant you moral license to assault people.

      You all keep describing these monsters under your bed to rationalize your violence. It's childish and stupid. Grow the hell up, and stop freaking out and getting people hurt just because you're pissing your pants with fear. It's not very manful behavior.

    7. "Ad hominem attacks are an indication that you lost the debate."

      I don't consider his comment ad hominem. I figure it's a reasonable observation of your hundreds of posts here.

  4. Yes RW, I understand it's not legal or illegal immigrants leading the SJW stupidity. I"ve met what come across as conservative Latinos but most of them vote left regardless.

    None of the open borders crowd addresses anything Rozeff has addressed here:

    And if cheap labor is so great, the countries these people come from should be economic paradise and they would stay there. It's true that many come for work and may leave, but that does not mean we need to encourage this in anyway. The entire turd world wants to come here or Europe and it's an issue of practicality that we can not absorb all those people. Spare me the crap about 'muh freemarket' resolving resource issues like water or housing. Importing legal and illegal to compete for housing stock is an injustice to American citizens. Remember, it's been huge numbers every year for a couple of decades now. And a lot of them are not assimilating.

    I'm happy about those ICE raids on employers. Those people need to go back and fix their failed societies. It's clear that Americans will do those jobs, but not for slave wages.

    1. What are “Slave wages”? I was under the assumption that if 2 people agree to something with zero coercion from either party or a 3rd party, that it certainly can have anything to do with slavery. That sounds like commie speak.

  5. Mr Wenzel, it is intellectually dishonest on your part to equate not wanting to live with a nation of people as "hate". You're smart enough to know that just because an American doesn't want to live in Mexico with Mexicans, doesn't mean he "hates" them.

    I'm sure you and your penthouse cohorts are rich enough to avoid living among the third worlders, but the typical Americans will eventually run out of places to flee to. This is the end goal of the SJW's and everyone knows this. This is why China is exporting Han to Tibet and why India is exporting Hindus to Kashmir.

    It is no vice for a people to want their own nation composed of their own nationals. In fact it is evil to deny them.

    1. "It is no vice for a people to want their own nation composed of their own nationals. In fact it is evil to deny them."

      Indeed, it is wrong to use force to deny this. But, equally so, it is wrong to use force to prevent people from associating with whom they want. Just as you might not want the state to force you to live with non-nationals, others might not want the state to deny them the ability to associate with non-nationals (e.g., in a personal relationship, employment relationship, trade relationship, landlord/tenant relationship, etc.).

      That is why the fight ought to be against the centralized state, whose one-size-fits-all policy, whatever it is, will royally piss off vast swathes of the ruled population. Regardless of our preferences, we should all be advocating for decentralization of decision-making, e.g., give the immigration role back to the states, or secede to form a more homogeneous sub-society.

      If, instead, you advocate to give the centralized state more power over immigration, you're setting yourself up for disappointment when "the other side" grabs hold of the reins of power.

    2. Great point on the forced changing of demographics. My grandfather was born in East Prussia. He was German. East Prussia was later occupied by Russia and the Germans were removed. Guess what country owns East Prussia now... How long until Minnesota is Somalia?

  6. Ann Coulter: Fine the DNC, RNC for the Cost of Illegal Immigration

  7. I’m wondering what “immigrants vote left” means? So they don’t vote for republicans, and that’s bad cause republicans don’t start new federal agencies? republicans vote against Federal spying and destroying the 4th amendment? Republicans vote against warfare/welfare? Republicans vote to reduce spending? Republicans vote for smaller government? Didn’t the republicans give us the EPA? Homeland security? Airport screenings? 18 years and counting continual wars? Patriot act? Isn’t the deficit projected to be higher ($1 trillion) this year than any time Obummer was president? Didn’t the big bump medicaid part B pass under republican bush? Didn’t a republican just ban bump stocks for guns?
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for voting for lefties, or voting for ANY politician, but someone explain why voting for republicans is more better?