Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The Vanishing American Adult

Listen to the first anecdote, roughly the first three minutes and 30 seconds.



  1. A couple of academics who have been sheltered from the real world all their life suggesting the youth of today are "soft" and "leaderless." What pompous idiots. Robinson and his guest seem to think that the "generation" that meekly followed their leaders in policies that resulted in the greatest economic depression in world history,then allowed themselves to be fooled into WWII and let their leaders drop an atomic bomb on not one but two cities full of civilians somehow makes them great! The worst part of this "greatest generation" baloney is that it labels millions of individuals as fools and idiots when many opposed the leaders who took them down that dark path. As for the story about the college students decorating half a X-mas tree, it sounds like they acted very rationally. They minimized their effort and risk and maximized their return for a project that was essentially a government job on public property. Minimizing risk and maximizing return sounds like potential entrepreneurs. Robinson and his guest need to get real jobs.

  2. The US government school system was designed to produce permanent adolescents. Now we are supposed to be shocked that it worked?

    It starts in the late 1840s and each generation since is a little further along in the conditioning process than one before. As John Taylor Gatto showed it was intentional and purposeful.

  3. With regards to the details of the interview:

    The age segregation was also engineered and deliberate for the benefit of the corporate-state partnership.

    With regards to consumption and production that's the by-product of central banking. And it is not a road to happiness being a producer in a society of consumers. Where people are judged and socially ranked by their consumption. As he stated knowing the difference between wants and need and producing is key but it is not so rewarding when society no longer values it. When if you produce and save you're a evil hoarder of wealth and everything from monetary policy on down is designed to discourage such behavior.

    The greatest generation's parents are the ones that sold us out by being conditioned enough to be duped by government to giving up the currency (federal reserve act), giving up free market medical care, put a limit on representatives, falling for the promises of the warfare state, and much more. The greatest generation then played along with it all and made it worse bringing us to the welfare state, a monstrous warfare state and more. Through the years people have been conditioned into this nonsense of government granted 'constitutional rights'. It's how things like using an automobile, working various jobs, having a business, and more became government granted privileges.

    But now its the fault of those who grew up in this mess for being what they were engineered to be?

  4. I pulled down and replaced our side fence. I removed all the nails from the timber and advertised it online for free giveaway - suitable for firewood etc. I didn't want to dump it or pay for removal. But it was good timber and would be of use for use in fireplaces etc. A few young people were among those who responded. In contrast to the older respondents, they didn't bring anything to protect their cars' back seat upholstery or trunks. So I had to give them bags. I lent them my axe to split the wood. None of them knew how to handle an axe. I was concerned about them cutting their feet or hitting each other on the head accidentally. I didn't want to get sued. So I ended up doing it all for them. The interviewee's anecdote rings true to me.