Sunday, August 4, 2019

The Real Problem the Brits are Going to Have Upon Brexit

Taki reports:
And that’s where Sir Bob [Geldof ] truly hits his stride. We’ve been arguing nonstop about Boris and Brexit, and Bob cunningly had one drink while talking about the world in general with a Dutch royal, who had a few more. “If you think the E.U. is bossing you around, wait until Uncle Sam becomes your chief,” is the gist of his argument with me. “The Americans will eat you alive,” says Ireland’s gift to sesquipedalian speech. It puts me in a difficult position. I loathe Brussels and the crooks who run the E.U. Mafia, but respect Sir Bob’s honesty and brilliant argument against going at it alone.
RW note: This is not "going at it alone," but the dumping of one oppressor for another.

The Brits should just open the borders to everyone and reject the idea that they have to align with anyone.

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  1. Hasn't the UK government been the pooch of the US government for years now?