Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Attack on Western Civilization Accelerates

Things are getting mad. As a follow up to the very important interview with Jordan Peterson on the attack on western civilization (POWERFUL: Jordan Peterson on Postmodernism and Cultural Marxism), see these incredible news items and tweets that have come across various newsfeeds of mine in the last 24 hours:

From Mara Gay of The New York Times editorial board:

From the San Francisco Examiner:
Efforts to educate students on concepts such as structural racism, identity and social justice could soon gain traction in San Francisco as school board members work to expand the district’s current ethnic studies offerings.

A resolution introduced in June by school board members Alison Collins and Jenny Lam seeks to implement an ethnic studies framework district wide, in all subject areas and across all grade levels.

The resolution, called “Equity Studies to Implement Humanizing Learning Experiences for All Students,” would commit the San Francisco Unified School District to centering its curriculum around “decolonizing and anti-oppressive” pedagogy and a “humanizing” framework for teaching students based on three guiding principles: self-love and knowledge, solidarity between communities and self-determination.

From The Chronicle Review:

Abolish the Business Major!

From The American Thinker:
Nick French, a philosophy instructor at the University of California-Berkeley, is teaching a summer course titled "Individual Morality and Social Justice," in which he argues that wealthy people are inherently immoral, no matter what they do with their money.  They are evil even if they donate much of their wealth to worthy causes. 
French, in a recent Jacobin Magazine op-ed, argued that people should "dispossess the benevolent rich of their ill-gotten gains." 
And AOC retweeted this:
A few comments:

The social justice warriors are simply going to attack western civilization from every direction possible, including attacking all business and all wealthy and with an attempt to link in integral fashion slavery and capitalism.

This means that it is imperative that you read the Phillip W. Magness essay debunking the idea that capitalism is an inherently racist institution, The Anti-Capitalist Ideology of Slavery.

Just remember, as Peterson points out, the SJWs, don't care about the truth of any issue, they will use any means possible, including myths and lies, if it advances their goal, which is gaining power.

The same goes with their reason for capturing the education system, it is to indoctrinate students into "thinking" in a way that advances the power of the SJW elite. The masses, including students, are merely tools, useful idiots, to them---with students being very malleable useful idiots.

For more on the 1619 Project see here.



  1. And I used to think preppers were nuts!

  2. The problem the SJWs have is how to tear down Western civilization (ie, White, Christian, European civilization) without totally demotivating White Christian men who are the primary producers. Without them producing at full capacity, civilization collapses in a heap.

    1. Well, they will be disappointed. When people have nothing to lose, they pick up guns. And we all know who will win the civil war, should it ignite.

  3. These types of happenings are a good reminder of why secession/decentralization is such an important concept. We can't stop these intellectually vacuous things from infecting some minds, but we can try to separate ourselves from them and live our own lives. It would be fun -- because it would drive these lunatics insane -- to begin something called the 1861 Project, where we revive the concept of societal secession.

    1. I like this!! You cant reason with stupid ... I always envision Forest Gump shaking his head in exasperation

    2. Ideas and beliefs don't care much for borders. One would've thought that US is well protected by the borders and oceans from the Soviet and Maoist insanity. Guess what - borders don't do crap unless people are vigilant against the fifth column.

  4. We will never have liberty until the schools are taken away from government.

    The social justice warriors are serving a plan that will have a few wealthy ('white')families on top with total control over the society. If they weren't the foundations would pull the financial plug on this nonsense. The SJWs are useful idiots in producing a society where a few own everything and everyone else owns nothing. An effective re-establishment of the human norm of slavery.