Thursday, August 1, 2019

Some of the Lowlights of the Democratic Debate; Wednesday Night Edition: JOE BIDEN ANNOUNCES HE IS RUNNING IN THE YEAR 30330

It was the second night of Democratic central planners on the debate stage in Detroit, Michigan.

While the wacky "government can solve all problems" perspective was the same, it was a bit more entertaining on Wednesday. There were many no holds barred nutjobs on stage and then "Sleepy Joe" came through at the close.

Here are the lowlights.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio seems to have at the center of his platform hate and envy of the rich. More than once on stage he said he would "tax the hell out of the wealthy."

In his closing statement, he announced his new web site:

Andrew Yang continued with his nutty fear of automation and said it would result in the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs. Which means that he once again displayed that he suffers from the Lump of Labor Fallacy.

He also promoted, once again, his plan to give every adult $1,000 per month. Not from his personal funds, of course, but via taxes, which means it is nothing but a massive redistribution scheme.

Kirsten Gillibrand was as annoying as usual. I hope she doesn't make the cut for the September debate. She said she wanted to explain white privilege to white women in the suburbs.

It turns out that the Rockefeller-looking Jay Inslee is a climate change nut. He says it would be his top issue as president and that he would launch a "national mobilization."

Tulsi Gabbard had a mixed showing. Kamala Harris got a good counterpunch against her early on but Tulsi came back strong against Harris in a later round. But she was weak on easy lefty talking points. She delivered empty platitudes that didn't match the oratory of the other candidates. I took it to mean she really doesn't have her heart in these lefty issues and the people around her did not prepare her well.

But she closed strong with her anti-regime change war position.
But, overall, I don't think her performance was strong enough to get her up in the polls enough to make the September debate.

Kamala Harris is a strong debater. It is possible she picked up some support but she didn't really lose ground though she was being targetted.

Joe Biden came in stronger than I expected and, for the most part, he showed quite a bit of energy on stage. But he did make two mental mistakes of the type that might eventually sink him.

At one point, he accidentally called Cory Booker the President of the United States then corrected himself (sort of) and said "the future president."
Then it seems he thought he was running in the year 30330.

In his closing statement, he announced his web page as 30330:
It will be interesting to see how much mainstream media reports on these unforced errors.


Apparently the fumble was Biden giving out a text number:


The Twitter reaction to Joe's final flub:



  1. I'd say based on this post that Joe Biden did a passably good job. It may be that he is at least as fit as 90% of the Democrats. Would Joe or Jane America conclude that he is as fit as Tulsi Gabbard... I don-think-so.

  2. I went to, of all things, a "debate party" (and with 2 of my teenage sons even!). It was quite the night. Me and my boys were hooting and guffawing at all the socialism, chicken little-ism and anti-white privilege-ism going on. But compared to all those wacky idiots on stage, Joe Biden came across as practically conservative, and I found myself actually liking him. My 2 boys were agog over how hot Tulsi Gabbard is, of course (who wouldn't be, other than Buttagieg of course---?).
    And naturally, I got in an argument with a headstrong, contemptuous leftist, who is convinced that because she is a nurse and is "around patients all the time," that she is an expert on the injustice and causality of costly health care: To her, there is no doubt that the problem is all due to profiteering, greedy insurance companies and health-care providers, who simply charge the high prices they do "because they are not held in check and not regulated by government, and because we don't have single-payer health-care insurance." I tried to point-out to her that insurance companies are just a part of the overall economy, like her corner grocer and the hardware store down the street, and are guided by the same forces that others are in setting prices of premiums and terms of contracts, etc.
    At the end of the night, driving home, my 14 yr-old son schooled me by admonishing me "Dad, I think we all learned that you can't argue with a liberal, as they are too guided by emotion and therefore too rigid and obtuse." I still haven't learned that lesson, after 26 years as a libertarian.

    1. That's one smart son you have. You should be very proud, dad!

  3. The few parts that I saw where Biden was speaking, he was slurring his words and mixing up his thoughts. I'm not sure that his elevator goes all the way to the top any longer (if it ever did; I tend to believe that Progressives get off a few floors early every time).

    It's just laughable how these candidates portray profits (of health-insurance companies) as a sign of evil, which are, apparently, "sucked out of the American people." It's almost like they didn't get to the end of "Man, Economy, and State" when preparing.

    TDS definitely reigned supreme last night, with each candidate trying to out-virtue-signal the other by calling Trump "racist," a term that has now lost any real meaning in contemporary vernacular.

    I stopped watching, because I felt like my IQ was starting to atrophy. It's hard to know which group wins the "Intellectual Pygmy" prize : those asking the questions, those answering the questions, or those in the audience applauding at the bromides.

  4. I thought Uncle Joe tried to give as good as he got. He performed better than the last debate, but that was a very low bar to have to overcome. Overall, I think he did poorly because he lacks the “quick on your feet” comeback that’s needed to overcome the attacks against him.

    I thought Kamala Harris did okay. Tulsi Gabbard really nailed her when she brought up some of Harris’ lowlights during her time as the CA AG. Overall she will probably maintain her current position.

    de Blasio is certifiable.

    Although he’s an entrepreneur, Yang clearly understands very little about how markets work. His views on automation make no sense whatsoever. Maybe he’d get the point - that automation increases living standards - if he was forced to communicate via the pony express, had his clothes washed by hand and hung outside to dry, and had to use a horse and buggy to get around.

    I completely agree with you about Kirsten Gillibrand. Anybody - black, white or brown - talking about white privilege as a problem does not deserve to be taken seriously.

    Corey Booker...meh...

    The rest are kinda not worth mentioning.