Saturday, August 17, 2019

POWERFUL: Jordan Peterson on Postmodernism and Cultural Marxism

Find the time to watch this one. Jordan Peterson checks off all the boxes in explaining what is going on in the West today.

He is particularly strong in recognizing that Social Justice Warriors are all about wanting to gain power, everything else is just a cover.



(ht Lew Rockwell)


  1. Ive posted this before-
    this Peterson, a Canadian "psychologist" is the guy that constantly uses God's name in vain (I've seen it multiple times in the very few excerpts I've seen of him speak)

    Some might dismiss this as irrelevant, but it actually is very serious & revealing of his character. Someone who so flippantly & regularly commits a mortal sin & dishonors God is completely blind & lost, & thus has nothing of value to contribute. Much better to read books by saints, of which there are many. And yes they are actually very interesting and good reads. Heres Some examples

    One can not "defend & preserve the culture" if they do not even adhere to basic, 2nd-grade level traditional moral values.

    1. He's a gentile speaking, speaking to gentiles, on your behalf. Count your blessings.

      You could learn a lot from him, how to speak to gentiles. You're leading with your ass.

    2. Take the plank out of your own eye before removing the spec from your brothers eye. He is very smart and tho he isn't perfect like you want him to be means everything he says is invalid? A lot of Christian's use the Lord's name in vein, doesn't mean they're not Christian's. Christianity is about the soul, not outer actions. If we are saved by what we do then we are all screwed because we all do crap every single day.

    3. The bible was written BY Hebrews, for Hebrews, about Hebrews. You really need to learn what "taking God's name in vain" through the lense of the original writers perspective. The term "God" is a title, a job is NOT a name.

    4. Nobody's perfect for everyone else but recognize that when he says "Jesus" he's clearly not expressing dislike or animosity towards Jesus Christ or Christians at all. He's just venting at how post-modernists or leftists are destroying the fabric of our society, and I think that's understandable, don't you?

  2. Replies
    1. "Pseudo-intelectual" ? Like Pleto and Socraties were? If JP is a "pseudu-intelectual" then "intelectuals" are a figment of society's imagination.

    2. You're just saying this because his conclusions, as an intellectual, disagree with your own. He even discusses this here! Social science can be rationally or scientifically done without bias, but have a history of being used as platforms for "minority" groups to advance their own political power plays. I challenge you to find just one straight sexologist,or any sexologist who has disagreed with the statement "gay people are not oppressed and should not be treated preferentially to straight people" WHILE still holding his academic position. Similarly, can you find any prominent male feminists?

  3. Of course, there's a group of people who want the overthrow of Western civilization. They used to be Soviet agents and "useful idiots". Now they got older and moved up to government agencies and banking and academia. Some of them command resources so large that they effectively control the whole movement (Soros is one example).