Saturday, August 31, 2019

Police Fire Tear Gas and Water Cannons as Hong Kong Protests Erupt

It is interesting that the Voice of America is reporting on this in what is close to real-time:


Here is a report from German public radio:


And here is a Luke Rudkowski report:


But one must ask: Is anyone protesting for smaller government?


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  1. "But one must ask: Is anyone protesting for smaller government?"

    RW, while I agree that that is the right libertarian observation to make, and I wouldn't want to be in a place where these types of protests result in bigger government, selfishly, as an observer, I do like seeing these large, in-the-street protests going on around the world. As a libertarian, I'm constantly amazed at how accepting civilians are of their rulers' edicts, and the more passive the ruled are, the more the rulers will try to get away with. So seeing some resistance is encouraging.

    The movement towards liberty has two parts, rejection of the status quo, and a change of direction to more liberty. Perhaps when folks are in resistance mode, some of them, even if only a small number, will be more receptive to different ideas. At a minimum, this is why the libertarian goal of always trying to change minds is important; you never know when the resistance moment might arise, and we want to have converted as many people as possible before then.