Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Living The Dangerous Life in the People's Republic of San Francisco

A woman was trying to get into her apartment building in San Francisco in the early morning hours on Sunday when she was assaulted by a man who was trying to keep her from going inside without him.

“At first, he was trying to tell me that he was trying to save my life,” the woman explained.

“He asked me to open the door so he could go and kill our concierge or front desk lady and earn my trust,” she said.

Of course, in politically correct San Francisco, the doorman working the night shift was a slight female who could only provide marginal physical help to fight off the attacker.

You can see the woman calling SFPD who arrived 30 minutes later.

In NYC, most of the doormen I know have baseball bats nearby to take care of these kinds of clowns.



  1. 30 minutes to arrive?!
    The beat cop is useless, and should be dispensed with; All we really need are investigative detectives, who investigate and solve crimes. The beat cops might have some utility in securing a crime scene, but I would bet they rarely ever actually stop crimes in progress (not real crimes, like rape, murder, burglary, and the like).

  2. Question: In NYC, if a doorman beats or even hits a person with a baseball bat as a means of self-defense, what is the likelihood that the doorman would be arrested?

    New York does not impress me as being particularly self-defense friendly, akin to California.

    1. I don't know the answer to your question but, given the leanings of NYC, I'm sure that Comrade de Blasio would rush through regulations banning baseball bats (which would take the Yankees and Mets by surprise).

  3. This SF episode ties in with what I said in the comment section of TLs blog post entitled The Misesian Vision (

    Private security (the liberty option) would have been a much better option than waiting 30 minutes on government police officers.

    I’m sure there are a lot of liberals in the SF area that have either heard of something like this happening or had it happen to them or someone they know. Explaining the liberty option “while the wound is still fresh” may help others to begin to see the inadequacy of the State.

    1. Doesn't SF have an unusual tradition of private police? The Patrol Special Police, in force since 1847?

  4. In decent places doormen have shotguns under the tables to take care of these kinds of clowns. Of course, in the literal shitholes like SF and NYC effective self-defense is strictly verbotten.