Friday, August 23, 2019

Jordan Peterson On People Who Still Celebrate Lenin

Some more excellent commentary from Jordan Peterson. This time on the evil Lenin.


But, hey, Lenin was a white guy, so how could he be as bad as a Latino illegally crossing the border to do menial work?


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  1. Jordan Peterson is not a Christian. He is really good on some things (like gender, SJW stuff, cultural Marxism) and full of crap on others (like psychology and the Bible.) In another thread when Humanum Genus pointed out that Peterson uses the Lord's name in vain, some people jumped all over him - but it's a legitimate complaint re his character.

    If you want to see Peterson dissected from a Christian point of view, watch this video:

    Jump ahead to 10:35 for the start, and it ends at 54:50. Also, White is just a bit of a slow talker, so you can increase the speed to 1.25 and save yourself some time.