Friday, August 16, 2019

Immigrant Hating Trump Expands the Police State

The New York Times reports (my bold):

The presence of immigration officials conducting "transportation checks" at transit hot spots isn't necessarily new. However, CBP's enforcement operations - as well as missions by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement - have been exponentially ramped up by the Trump administration as part of the president's vision to "fix" the country's "broken immigration system."...

Over the past three months, many county law enforcement agencies in Florida have signed off on a plan for ICE to train and deputize officers, giving them the ability to arrest and detain undocumented immigrants. Though neither Miami-Dade County police nor any municipal police department in the county has yet to take part, lawyers and advocates believe it's one of the administration's avenues to "repeatedly attack immigrants."...

Meanwhile, attorneys say it's only a matter of time before U.S. citizens are detained more frequently in the process.


  1. Awesome!!! Time to kick out every damn illegal immigrant here and their supporters. That would include the left and open border libertardians.

    We need to end legal and illegal immigration. The only people getting political asylum are the white African farmers being terrorized by black dictators. I'm sure they would have a greater appreciation for some things than the dregs we continue to let in here.

    1. I don't understand why libertarians can't figure out that by importing people who vote for bigger government is a idea. Also by importing people that can't build/sustain Western civilization is how you devolve into the third-world. Do libertarians know this and don't care?

    2. "Do libertarians know this and don't care?"

      They are functionally stupid and infected with the leftism BS of 'equality'. I'm still waiting for them to find me that Sharia loving libertarian Muslim or that mass of Indians or Asian groups that have a libertarian outlook.

      It's bad enough we have too many statist whites of course, but yes, they are oblivious to race, IQ, and culture.

    3. The libertarian position on immigration embraces freedom: freedom of association and free market exchange. Foreigners who want to come to the US to uplift themselves and their families through initiative and hard work, free of being a "public charge," should be allowed to do just that.

  2. Deputizing local police by the federal government for enforcement of federal laws was established some time ago. War on drugs, war on terror, etc and so forth. Local police powers with regards to illegal immigration already exist as well. Maybe there's some tiny little detail of expansion here somewhere, but if so it's merely from existing powers being put to a combined use for this subject of immigration specifically. I guess if blaming Trump is what gets people to see the reality of the police state, then blame Trump, but lets not pretend there's some new significant thing here.

  3. How to not achieve libertarianism: Import people who vote for bigger government. Import people who can't understand Lockean principles and who are tribal.

  4. Here it is, the libertarian dream for all Americans:

    "Over the last 20 years, many Americans companies have outsourced their computer and software departments, often to Indian firms such as Tata Consulting. The foreign companies use the H-1B guest worker program to bring their lower wage foreign graduates to work in American office parks. That expanding trend has been extensively documented by specialist publications, such as ComputerWorld, and there’s little or no evidence the H-1B workers create patents, raise productivity or generate additional jobs.

    American companies are now trying to outsource more varieties of jobs, including accounting, healthcare and design jobs. For example, American universities have hired H-1Bs for 100,000 prestigious jobs, including professors, lecturers, doctors, therapists, scientists and researchers. Engineering giant Caterpillar continues to hire H-1B workers in Illinois as it fires hundreds of American engineers and other white-collar workers, DeLoitte and other U.S. accounting firms have asked for more than 20,000 H-1B visas to replace American business-school graduates."

    1. I have a question for you. Do you have a problem when people try to save money by consuming cheaper product A over more expensive product B even though consuming the cheaper product would cause the company making the more expensive product to close stores, lay-off workers and potentially go out of business.

    2. H1B is more than simply price. The sponsoring company has considerable power over the H1B employee. The Americans in these fields can compete on productivity, creativity, and just plain ROI rather than price but they will not surrender the amount of control that H1B gives companies.

      If H1B were eliminated and companies could still hire the same people from foreign lands I believe it is unlikely they would hire nearly as many. Language barriers, cultural difficulties, lower productivity, the need to reduce jobs to routine procedure following and more would eliminate many from consideration. Even at the lower price it would not be worth it if they can't be squeezed for long work weeks. Those that remain, those that can compete, would of course would demand every dollar of salary that the Americans demand. A free market level playing field between US citizens and H1B visa immigrants is not what corporations want.

      To the question, now that ground rules are corrected: I do have a problem when people try to save money by using government interference in the market so they pay less.

    3. Nice try, But, in the end, it comes down to price. The hiring company decides to hire those with H1B visas because the cost they pay them vs the cost of the US worker is better in terms of productivity, profitability, etc. I’m sure the hiring companies took into account cultural differences, language barriers, etc. in their hiring decisions.

      In fact, your argument sounds eerily similar to the argument racist southern Democrats made about cheap “colored” labor displacing higher cost “white” labor on federal projects. The arguments of southern Democrats led to the Davis-Bacon Act which mandated that companies working on federal projects had to pay a minimum wage to its workers. Since, black and white workers had to be paid the same wage rate, it no longer made since for employers to hire blacks over whites. I’m quite sure that companies paying higher wage rates under Davis-Bacon led to lower profitability.

      In the end, government interference leads to higher costs, lower productivity, and a lower standard of living.

    4. "In the end, government interference leads to higher costs, lower productivity, and a lower standard of living."

      This is why I spit on libertarianism. Everything is about a damn dollar instead of where the system is overall helpful to citizens first (I don't mean free stuff either). What you makes you believe that those H1's are more productive or even add productivity for less cost? That's really an assumption that only an arrogant bean counter can make.

      The part you are missing is that thousands of Americans are unemployed right now, many with college degrees, because of this H1 nonsense. The H1's not only shift the job market thanks to government interference but also increase the cost of housing and liveability in cities. What you need to ask yourself is that if foreigners are going to come first over citizens, how can you even have a functional country?

      And yes, I agree there is too much government regulation and taxation and so forth, but you libertardians need to pull your head out of your collective asses.

      Here is a Shadowstats chart showing the real unemployment:

    5. TLM,
      You’ve missed the mark yet again. Libertarianism (small “l”) is about the NAP and property rights.

      What system do you think is most helpful, one based on the NAP and property rights or the “system” we have now? A system of freedom and liberty or the system we have now?

      If I own a company, I should be free to hire whomever I want at a price that the prospective employee and I agree to free of coercion or interference from outside parties, government or otherwise. If that means I hire a foreigner for less money than a US citizen, so be it.

      You speak of jobs for US citizens as if it’s their birthright or something. It’s not. Case and point: early in my working career the company I worked for made wholesale changes, one of which was to hire someone to do my for less money. I wasn’t willing to take less money so I improved my human capital, updated my resume and found another job paying more money. Problem solved.

      Besides that, for someone who “spits” on libertarianism, you seem to spend an awful lot of time - or maybe I should say waste a lot of time - engaging libertarians.