Sunday, August 18, 2019

Immigrant-Haters and The Attack on Western Civilization

How shallow is a hater's thinking?

The Lab Manager attempted to add this comment to the post The Attack on Western Civilization Accelerates:
"Pretty laughable that RW post about the attack on Western civilization but then truly believes as libertarian that all the turd world trash should come here without any restrictions. How is that preserving anything resembling Western civilization or even any limited government ideas? Or am a 'da rasis' to point that out? "
Does Lab Manager seriously link that the Social Justice Warrior attacks on Western Civilization are being led by Latin American immigrants?

Has he never heard of the developers of Social Justice Warrior thinking: Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Richard Rorty,  Theodor W. Adorno, Erich Fromm and Herbert Marcuse?

Do these sound like Latino names to him?

Do Rachel Maddow and Elizabeth Warren sound like Latina names to him?

As I have pointed out in the past, and Jordan Peterson mentions in passing in this talk, because of the strong family culture of Latinos, they could very well lead the assault against SJWs.

The idea that Latinos will owe Democrats because the Ds are pro-immigration is a naive perspective with no understanding of the twists and turns of history.

Just one case in point: How did Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation turn out for Republicans? Are blacks voting a straight Republican ticket? Is Al Sharpton a Republican?

Bottom line: Haters are going to hate, they rarely think out the logic of their positions. It is all about tribal emotion at a time when civilization is well beyond the fear of other basic tribes.

Lab manager is part of the white nationalist tribe, the social justice warriors are part of the anti-white tribe. They are both against advanced civilization that is in favor of peace, freedom and trade.



  1. "Lab manager is part of the white nationalist tribe, the social justice warriors are part of the anti-white tribe. They are both against advanced civilization that is in favor of peace, freedom and trade."

    I admit that the SJW thought leaders are obscure, but to say I'm against advanced civilization because I do not want the low IQ hordes from Latin America and Africa is pretty stupid. There is only one civilization that has done the most for humanity and that is White European Christian civilization. To deny otherwise is to be functionally stupid. Doug Casey of International Speculator has said as much and he not exactly a leftist.

    If you could only show me all those libertarian Africans, Latin Americans, and Asian, I would have different perspective. They are out there but such a tiny minority as to be minuscule.

    It is lost on libertarians that mass immigration from some of these places is already a disaster. I can't say that Omar and that other one Rashid or whatever is something to aspire to if you want a limited government society.

    The problem is that these other groups lower societal trust and cohesiveness; I certainly have no desire to risk my life for any ghetto black Americans or white ones for that matter.

    RW consistently advocates for the destruction of first world white European societies.

    For the record, I have international friends and have dealt with many from other parts of the world. The issue is that they bring their tribal crap over here and don't leave it at the border. You libertarians are like leftist in that you think it's a hippie dippie can't we just get along world out there. I've also dated a couple Latinas over the years and that is diverse group despite their same ethnic background.

    I'm paraphrasing here since I can't find the exact post, Micheael Rozeff has also commented openly on Lewrockwell noting that even the brightest of Asian immigrants and others can not warp their head around the idea of a limited government.

    Yes RW, SJW's are a problem but so is uncontrolled immigration as advocated by libertarians. I certainly do not benefit from it.

    1. Lab Manager wants to assault innocent people, and he has .... some story. To me he just sounds like a lunatic waving a gun around while screaming nonsense.

      This isn't about race and IQ or immigration or anything of substance. Lab Manager suffered some sort of emotional or psychological trauma that has left him in a semi-delusional state of mind where he demands his neighbors assault innocent people because they were born south of an arbitrary line agreed to by a few crooks in the 1840's. Lab Manager is wounded and in pain, and focusing his anger on brown people, for whatever reason, delivers him some relief from the pain.

      Some people need to flick the lightswitch on and off 34 times upon entering a room or they are overcome with crippling fear that some catastrophe will occur. Some people need to watch their carbon footprint and recycle or they are consumed with anxiety that the planet will become uninhabitable. Some people need to call for violence against innocent people or they are overwhelmed with fear of impending catastrophe.

      This is what deadly sins like Wrath and Pride do to the sinner. It's a sad state of affairs. We should have empathy for the pour soul who labors under such a weight, but that does not absolve them of responsibility for the real harm their lunacy does to real people. Lab Manager is calling for human sacrifice. He wants to hurt innocent people to relieve his anxiety. He may as well be throwing babies into a volcano to appease it. This is pagan self-idolatry, complete with human sacrifice. That Lab Manager would deflect from his crimes against Christians by trying to use "White Christian European culture" as a shield should offend any Christians among us, regardless of what they think about immigration.

      "Look Pa, the pagan imperial state is feeding Christians to the lions."

      "It's OK son. Those are low IQ Christians. Jesus doesn't love them."

    2. Donxon wrote this. I don't know why it says Unknown.

    3. What's sad is dopes like you unable to provide one example of anything that I've asked about. Maybe someone here can show me any country with an excessive amount of diversity that is still functioning well along with their questionable IQ level.

      The only reason the left wants to import worthless minorities is because they will vote left. Somalis have not improved Minnesota or Lewiston, Maine or any other place.

      Your kind of stupidity is why I refuse to support the Libertarian Party.

    4. You keep repeating your story like I don't get it. I don't care about what you think will happen if you don't assault innocent people. It's just a story from a frightened person who wants to assault innocent people because he's frightened. You're just throwing a temper tantrum. Stomp your feet. Cry harder scared little boy. Your terror amuses me.

      I don't care what you're "asking about" while calling for violence against innocent people. I don't care about people's IQ's when comes to the question of who should be assaulted. Anyone who brings up IQ with regard to a moral question is getting ready to suggest something evil.

      You want to hurt innocent people because you are afraid. You are a coward sir. Lab Manager is a coward. Pour wittle frightened broken boy needs the guvmint to come tuck him in and check under the bed for guacamole.

      He's not even a man, this guy.

    5. Superb!---> "I don't care about people's IQ's when comes to the question of who should be assaulted. Anyone who brings up IQ with regard to a moral question is getting ready to suggest something evil."

      And this made me spit out my coffee!---> "Pour wittle frightened broken boy needs the guvmint to come tuck him in and check under the bed for guacamole."

    6. To Lab Manager (and a few others) - Not all libertarians are in favor of open borders/uncontrolled immigration. There is no libertarian position on the subject. Some are for, some against. I'm a libertarian and I'm against open borders. As I've mentioned before, Hans Hoppe, Ron Paul and Murray Rothbard are/were against open borders, too.

      And before you challenge Rothbard being included in that category, he was questioning his original position near the end of his life. According to Lew Rockwell at a speech I attended,

      "Shortly before his death, Murray Rothbard published an article called “Nations by Consent: Decomposing the Nation State.” He had begun rethinking the assumption that libertarianism committed us to open borders.

      "He noted, for instance, the large number of ethnic Russians whom Stalin settled in Estonia. This was not done so that Baltic people could enjoy the fruits of diversity. It never is. It was done in an attempt to destroy an existing culture, and in the process to make a people more docile and less likely to cause problems for the Soviet empire.

      "Murray wondered: does libertarianism require me to support this, much less to celebrate it? Or might there be more to the immigration question after all?

      "And here Murray posed the problem just as I have: in a fully private-property society, people would have to be invited onto whatever property they traveled through or settled on.

      "If every piece of land in a country were owned by some person, group, or corporation, this would mean that no person could enter unless invited to enter and allowed to rent or purchase property. A totally privatized country would be as closed as the particular property owners desire. It seems clear, then, that the regime of open borders that exists de facto in the U.S. and Western Europe really amounts to a compulsory opening by the central state, the state in charge of all streets and public land areas, and does not genuinely reflect the wishes of the proprietors.""

    7. It's not clear from the formatting, but the last paragraph (If every piece of land...) is Rockwell quoting Rothbard.

    8. Donxon wrote this. I don't know why it says Unknown.

      Perhaps because it figured out you are a nobody.

    9. TO Mister Spock,

      ──"Not all libertarians are in favor of open borders/uncontrolled immigration."──

      There lies the very reason why no one will take your rhetoric as anything but the crazy rants of an ignorant fool. There's no such thing as "uncontrolled immigration". The act of migrating is an entrepreneurial decision, based on market forces. Not everyone wants to, is willing to or can migrate, but those who want to do so because they believe they can improve their lot, just like any other entrepreneur who reads the Market. Thus, it is the Market (that thing white supremacists like you hate) that controls immigration. Your binary view of migration──anything but total restriction must mean 'open'──does not conform to that reality,therefore you prefer to negate the existence of a Market.

      As for those 'libertarians' you allude to──they were never libertarian to begin with. Perhaps they would be better called paleo-conservatives, but believers in a Voluntaryst society, they're not.

    10. Hello, Lab Manager,

      ──" but to say I'm against advanced civilization because I do not want the low IQ hordes from Latin America and Africa is pretty stupid."──

      Actually, only anti-civilization zealots would be against immigration. They don't want growth, progress, change, new ideas, but insularity──your justifications and those of others point to that conclusion. They are more like the Communists of old, against division of labor, Markets and trade.

    11. "it is the Market that controls immigration"

      If the market controls immigration then why all the opposition to removing the government interference? Why all the hate for people that simply don't want to be plundered for all the new arrivals through the state? It's not the market that controls immigration at present, the state does. All the government would need to is end all the services and wealth transfers and start subjecting anyone who entered the USA to the same requirements and burdens as those born in the USA and you'd see immigration drop to something more like market levels. But that's not politically desirable because it would tend to attract self reliant individuals in large proportion. Which is the last thing the state wants.

  2. Lab Manager wants immigration control to be based upon the attitudes and ideas that people hold. And because we can't poll each individual to determine their attitudes and belief systems, he would take the lazy short-cut of discriminating based on appearance or origin...which is always the refuge of all people who are disinclined to be rational and deep-thinkers.

    1. It's not about the ideas that immigrants hold, Sui-Juris. His past yet constant espousing of so-called "white civilization" ahould give anyone a clear indication that this is about race and about keeping certain people of a different quantity of melanin out of the country, never mind how others who are not white supremacists---and want to do commerce with immigrants---feel about it. Wenzel is 100% correct in calling out LTM's and others' hypocrisy: They're not really interested in persevering a libertarian society but rather want an illiberal and authoritarian regime that promises them the Balkanized white society they crave.

    2. You mean like Mexico and Saudia Arabia? You mean sane immigration policy where those coming generally have something in common with the founding population?

    3. "Libertarian ideas have appeal in those places because Latin Americans are hard working and very family-oriented. "

      Good. Then ending the wealth transfers and the wide array of socialized services and wealth transfers that attract people who do not share libertarian ideas should not be an issue.

  3. Insults here, but no deep analysis of how letting in people of the turd world will advance civilization or even your retarded brand of libertarianism.

    Of course, none of you really live around the 'duh-versity' you so openly praise. Not a one of you has shown me any libertarians from south of the border or elsewhere.

    Those who don't think White European have done the most for humanity are certainly too stupid to be voting or have an opinion.

    1. LM, you might find this apropos to this discussion. Admittedly the incident is anecdotal, but the claims about immigrant blacks vs native blacks were surprising.

    2. "Of course, none of you really live around the 'duh-versity' you so openly praise. Not a one of you has shown me any libertarians from south of the border or elsewhere."

      I live in Oakland regard, and I've met plenty of Latinos with libertarian leanings.

      You're still just a lunatic waving a gun around screaming nonsense about "deep analysis" like anyone gives a shit.

      You are a frightened delusional ... ahem.... man..... who wants to hurt innocent people and has some sob story. We understand d your story. We just dont care. It's a stupid story for confused people and it holds no bearing whatsoever on the question at hand.

      Go soak your fat head.

    3. I look down on you as human waste as well Donxon. You have no common sense and your opinions are pretty stupid as well. I've worked with plenty of internationals, so to say I don't what I'm talking about is absurd on your part. Plus, neither you or anyone else has addressed how diversity lowers society trust or any of Rozeff's observations. You are no better than a nutty leftist ideologue.

    4. None of that shit matters. You are calling for violence against innocent people. I dont care why.

      You're too much of a coward to personally go try to execute these batshit crazy plans of yours, so you sens the guvmint to do it. You are a coward sir. You are frightened and you want to hurt innocent people to relieve your fear. It's completely insane.

    5. What kind of lab do you manage anyway?

    6. "...but no deep analysis of how letting in people of the turd world will advance civilization or even your retarded brand of libertarianism."

      Ludwig von Mises would simply argue that it is efficient and logical to allow the free-movement of labor capital i.e. human capital; Immigration control is just another form of protectionism, i.e. arbitrary restrictions on imports, just like tariffs.

      "...Of course, none of you really live around the 'duh-versity' you so openly praise."

      I live in west Dearborn, Michigan...surrounded by muslims. They are not monolithic in their thinking, behavior and attitudes; Some are wealthy (the neighbors on either side of me), came here from Lebanon with inherited money, or grew up here and are as Americanized as anyone; Some grew up on the trashier east side of Dearborn, worked hard, became wealthy enough to then move to the west side; They have prejudices against their own, against those who grew up on the east side or those who are new to this land and came from what they consider trashier countries (Yemen, north Africa...).
      My neighbors have their quirks and annoying habits, like anyone, but they're also warm and friendly, sending over dishes of food, or sitting with us at community baseball games when our kids play each others' teams, etc.
      TLM's generalized view of people as all acting the same or holding the same attitudes or ideology, is misguided.

  4. I just made a new libertarian friend on facebook. Last name is Hinojosa if memory serves. Sounds Dutch right?

    1. There are thriving libertarian community in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, etc. Libertarian ideas have appeal in those places because Latin Americans are hard working and very family-oriented.

      You must've noticed a pro-authoritarian vein within the comments spewed by the likes of LTM, Mister Spock, Paul Hansen, limelemon, et al. Whenever they pay lip service to libertarianism, it is not because they believe in Voluntarysm and free markets──these white supremacists are anti-capital, anti-markets and anti-trade. They're merely using libertarianism to make the claim that we, libertarians, are ushering out own self-destruction by admitting anti-liberal immigrants, ostensibly. Of course it's just a ruse. They simply hate brown people, that's all.

    2. They are just sad little broken boys doing their best impression of serious-minded tough guys. It's cute, but their father's should smack them for tracking their shit through the house.

      They really do suffer from a psychological problem. They are delusional and are prepared to get violent if the non-crazy people in their midst do not indulge their delusions. They're Social Justic Warriors without the gender-confusion.

      Plus Lab Manager is just sad that his wife left him for a black man. Either that or he's a fed. Probably both.

  5. Hate? This is what I hate - illegals being turned loose after raping children:

    North Carolina: Mecklenburg County officials released a previously deported illegal alien from Honduras, Oscar Pacheco-Leonardo, 33, despite charges of one count of first-degree rape and two counts of indecent liberties with a child. This article includes a long list of other illegal aliens who were set free in Mecklenburg County after having been arrested for crimes that include kidnapping, multiple serious assault charges, rape and child sex abuse.


    In North Carolina, during the past 18 months, more than 331 illegal aliens have been charged with 1,172 child rapes and child sexual assaults, according to data collected by an independent researcher.

    This is what open borders give us, and yes, I hate it. If you don't, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. No, this is what the State gives us.

    2. You should be ashamed of lumping together some criminals with a very diverse and non-homogeneous group, i.e. immigrants. You don't fool anybody, "Mister Spock": your hatred has a different focus than just some criminals and their crimes. You're a white supremacist, like your 'wittle fwend' Lab Manager who at least has the guts to be upfront about it.

    3. Open border libertarians are perfectly okay with child molesting immigrants or ones what have fatal diseases transferable to the population.

    4. Joshua Bennett: No, this is what the State gives us.

      Of course you mean by not carrying out one of its few legitimate functions.

    5. OM: You should be ashamed of lumping together some criminals with a very diverse and non-homogeneous group, i.e. immigrants.

      All illegals are criminals, nitwit.

      "You don't fool anybody, "Mister Spock""

      What's with the quotes, moron? We don't call you "OldMexican."

      "your hatred has a different focus than just some criminals and their crimes. You're a white supremacist, like your 'wittle fwend' Lab Manager who at least has the guts to be upfront about it."

      OM has realized his support for murderers and rapists isn't going over so well, and he's afraid to outright defend child rapists, so he resorts to ridicule, ad hominem, and blatant lying in his feeble attempt to deflect the argument away from the facts. You know, those pesky things that he initially denied and now just ignores so he can argue for letting in every possible kind of thug, terrorist, and violent criminal into this country. He belongs in a straight jacket.

      And notice that he and "Donxon" completely ignore the fact that Ron Paul, Hans Hoppe, Murry Rothbard and Lew Rockwell are not for open borders. When does he accuse them of being white supremacists?

      P.S. Bob, are you calling Ron Paul, Hans Hoppe, Murry Rothbard and Lew Rockwell haters?

    6. They're not haters, they're just falling for a stupid trick.

      Whatever you want to the government to do to get rid of immigrants will involve a far greater expansion of government authority than whatever it is you are afraid the immigrants will vote for.

      Every idiot out there who supports some stupid government program has some silly fear that he is just as afraid of as you are of immigrants. The hippies are worried about the weather, the religious people are worried about the gays... and you're worried about Mexicans. They're all bullshit excuses for pointing guns at your neighbors. You all suffer from a psychological malfunction that is driving you to threaten peaceful people. It is completely insane.

      Immigrants didn't build the welfare state. Immigrants didn't build the military industrial complex. Immigrants didn't set up the Federal Reserve system. Immigrants didn't start the War On Drugs. Stopping the flow of immigrants will not slow the growth of the state by one iota.

    7. How many of the people who have not committed rapes or murders should be locked in a cage because you can't be bothered to sort out the guilty from the innocent?

  6. Lab manager is correct because everything he says is common knowledge and observable. Libertarians are living in a fake world inside their head.

    1. I provided some material that points out that most immigrants won't more than likely provide this libertarian paradise you speak of. It's clear you are unable to address anything I've presented other than insults like the other half wits criticizing me.

    2. What? I am on your side and agree. I said that everything you said is obvious. I used to be a Rothbardian a long time ago. Then I woke up.

    3. Monw of that shit matters
      You are calling for a radical expansion of state power RIGHT NOW. I dont care what MIGHT happen if we dont indulge your delusions. You are a violent, dangerous person who wants to hurt innocent people. You do not deny it. Step in front of a bus.

    4. You are calling for an expansion of state power when you allow people to enter who will vote for bigger government. Wake up time.

  7. Yay uncontrolled immigration from south of the border. Maybe we can let in Ebola survivors as well. Maybe they can work at a restaurant in food prep:

    "Multibacillary leprosy (MB) cases outnumbered paucibacillary leprosy (PB) cases by nearly eight to one (88.6% vs. 11.4%, respectively), and Latino patients were more likely than non-Latino patients to have MB, as were patients from Central or South America (versus other regions).

    Most patients (80.7%) received multidrug therapy, and most (92.6%) received antibiotics for more than two years, especially if they had MB.

    Only about half of patients (56.7%) had World Health Organization (WHO) grade 0 disability (no signs or symptoms suggestive of leprosy or disability) at the one-year follow-up, whereas 16.0% had grade 1 disability (loss of protective sensation) and 26.2% had grade 2 disability (visible deformity) at the last follow-up."

    1. You keep repeating your story. We get it. You're very scared. You're pissing yourself with fear. Your fear is insufficient justification for assaulting innocent people. In fact, it's the sort of thing a coward or a crazy person would do.

      You are a crazy person. Calm down turbo. Drink a creme soda. Have a popsicle. Do whatever it is you do to relax. Then stop calling for violence against innocent people.

    2. I'm more than happy to get violent against illegal immigrants. I don't care about the baby waving and they need to go back and that includes a lot of legal ones. Plenty of Americans who are capable and would be happy to have those jobs. But what do you care? You are another cowardly ideologue.

  8. Lab I recognize the larger view you hold about immigration though it is much vilified here. I also recognize your awareness of the states effort to use unchecked immigration as vehicle for causing a race to poverty bottom that will enrich the Oligarchy eradicate the middle class and accelerate wealth disparity to name just a few.

    No one will benefit by open border immigration except for those that have had an agenda and the includes business and the state.

  9. Bob titles another post, "The Left Has Become Unbearable."

    Absolutely right. But the left is famous for not just being unbearable. Almost all of the lying, hate, intolerance, violence, destruction of people’s names and reputations, hypocrisy, divisiveness, meddling, etc., comes from left. And OM and Donxon are perfect examples.

    In this thread they have shown that consistently and repeatedly by fabricating lies, smearing people, using ad hominem, calling people racists, white supremacists, etc. just because they don’t support their efforts to deny or justify or make excuses for the rape of children, the rape of women, murder, violent crimes, crippling or murdering people while drunk driving, etc. Just like the leftist politicians and media do.

    They follow their hero Goebbels’s tactic of lying over and over in an attempt to make it “fact” in the public’s mind. OM started off by denying that illegals are committing violent crimes like rape and murder. He said there were only one or two and that my claims were “paranoid fantasies,” and that “You hear one or two stories promoted on Fox News and you extrapolate that to mean "thousands and thousands" in your mind.”

    Then I posted the documentation and unable to deny the truth, he brought up the diversion of “rate,” while ignoring the fact that thousands and thousands and thousands of families have had their lives shattered by crimes that could have been prevented. No longer denying the facts or trying to justify them or make excuses for them, he shifted to attacking the messenger.

    He and Donxon are typical leftists, not libertarians – contrary to their claims. They don’t even know what libertarianism is, but they set themselves up as the authority to proclaim who the real libertarians are. They are simply SJWs who don’t use valid arguments, and because they are of low moral character they resort to lying and fabrication. Now, in addition to their lying, they set themselves up as the authority on libertarianism and deny the credentials of Ron Paul, Murry Rothbard, Lew Rockwell, Hans Hoppe, et al, (“schmucks” according to Donxon and “never libertarian to begin with” according to OM) and they have exposed themselves as the phonies that they are. Zero credibility.

    They have lots of typos and missing words in their comments. I’m not a grammar or spelling Nazi (usually ), but I can picture them sitting at their keyboards enraged with hate, spitting out garbage they don’t even proofread. The fear and hatred they express is really sad. They are deserving of nothing but contempt and ridicule – and perhaps pity. Arguing with them is pointless. Just point out their lies as they wallow in their filth.

    And Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul!