Saturday, August 10, 2019

Elizabeth Warren is an American Communist

Elizabeth Warren
By Michael S. Rozeff
Elizabeth Warren is a radical socialist or, equivalently, an American communist. An American communist is a person who advocates communism while maintaining the facade of supporting American ideals and basic institutions. Warren disguises herself as a Democrat, but her proposals make her a communist. She doesn’t believe in private property. She’s an anti-capitalist.
Why bring up her beliefs? Warren is currently running second to Biden for the nomination. He’s at 29 cents and she’s at 24 cents on Predictit. Other contenders are at 13 cents and lower. She could become a vice-presidential nominee or a presidential nominee.
A year ago Warren “proposed what would be the largest government seizure of private property in human history — and she’s not kidding.” Truly, she is not kidding. Less than a month ago, she said “I’m fired up for big, structural change—let’s do this!”
“She proposes to nationalize every major business in the United States of America. If successful, it would constitute the largest seizure of private property in human history.
“Warren’s proposal is dishonestly called the ‘Accountable Capitalism Act.’” That’s one of her disguises.
Another of her ideas is that people who create goods should be heavily taxed. Along with other communists and socialists, Warren believes that people who have created wealth (material goods, capital) are taking the bread out of the mouths of “struggling” people; therefore she wants to raise taxes on the rich by taxing their wealth:
“This billionaire NFL owner just paid $100M for a ‘superyacht’ with its own iMax theater,” she tweeted Saturday. “I’m pretty sure he can pay my new #UltraMillionaireTax to help the millions of yacht-less Americans struggling with student loan debt.”
A tax on wealth is unconstitutional; it amounts to seizure of one’s assets. It’s like an inheritance tax that’s levied upon the living. It has no bounds. “But nothing whatsoever in the history of American law supports the unprecedented and punitive Warren wealth tax. Neither she nor her defenders offer any limiting principle as to the extent of the tax. The Congress that imposes a 3 percent tax on wealth over $1 billion could tomorrow levy a 10 percent tax on all household wealth over $10 million. Better yet, it could just seize particular assets worth 3 percent of the family’s holdings.”
Warren wants to tax, tax and tax the production of goods. She wants to tax the creation of goods in other ways. She wants to force the buying of uneconomic energy goods to the tune of $2 trillion. That’s outright waste built into her version of the Green New Deal. In a double wallop, she’d fund this by raising taxes on income generated by companies:
“Warren wrote that the significant costs attached to her plan — $2 trillion over 10 years — would be mostly paid for by new revenue created by her Real Corporate Profits Tax, which is described in an analysis provided by the campaign from Moody’s Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi as ‘a 7% tax surcharge on profits of more than $100 million earned by U.S. companies.'”
Warren is an American communist parading around as a Democrat, like other candidates for the Democratic nomination. The Communist Party USA states
“Many myths have been propagated about socialism. Contrary to right-wing claims, socialism would not take away the personal private property of workers, only the private ownership of major industries, financial institutions, and other large corporations, and the excessive luxuries of the super-rich.”
Warren proposes exactly the same: “…we can damn well use all the tools at our disposal to protect the interests of American workers.”
If Warren nationalizes businesses, which is what taking public control of their board and ownership structures does, and if the production of goods (wealth) is taxed, companies will struggle to hire and pay their workers. Every good that goes into producing consumers’ goods will fail to be kept in good repair or renewed when it wears out. Anti-capitalism does work, as we have seen in Russia and the other republics in the USSR, only it works to make a country more backward and poorer. This is what Warren proposes for America. She’s a communist.
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  1. What a champion for the workers.

    I know the first thing I do when my yacht building company recieves a $100MM order is make sure my customer is politically stripped of the means to order second.

    How many parents and kids does she want to make homeless and starving because they have the good character to earn their livelyhood through work and trade and not political violence?

    What a sad, sick, chaotic and inevitably violent joke of a philosphy.