Friday, August 23, 2019

David Koch Has Died

Multi-billionaire David Koch, who along with his older brother Charles actively funded what can best be described as beltarian and conservative political causes and candidates, has died. He was 79.

"It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of my brother David. Anyone who worked with David surely experienced his giant personality and passion for life," Charles said in a statement.

As a way to get around campaign spending limits, he ran in 1980 as the Libertarian Party's vice-presidential nominee with Ed Clark. They received 1% of the vote.

Differences of opinion on that campaign, among other matters, led to a breach between the Kochs and economist and libertarian activist and philosopher Murray Rothbard, David Gordon has reported.

While the brothers did not endorse Donald Trump for president and did not appear to be pleased with his political success, David attended his election night victory party and later met with the president-elect at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach.

Although no cause of death has been reported, Koch had been diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1992 and been given only a year to live at that time.

In 2018, he had stepped away from active management of Koch Industries and political activities.

Koch's net worth was estimated to be around $59 billion

Kochtopus activities will continue with Charles remaining at the helm. He has always been considered the primary force behind the operation.

In addition to his brother Charles,  David is survived by his three children; wife, Julia; twin brother, William Koch, and brother, Frederick Koch.



  1. That's a far less scathing review than you gave Ross Perot who deserved much better despite some of his views. But like the Kochs, you like the idea of hordes of invaders replacing Americans.

    1. In another thread someone pointed out to labmanager that it's the whites own fault for self-exterminating, (aborting millions of white babies , not to mention artificial contraception , which is also immoral.)
      They continued that many non-white immigrants have large families while most whites in general do not.

      You replied angrily that the commenter basically hates whites & cheers their replacement.

      I have to say that stood out as an odd reply.

      To point out whites own very documented plummeting birth rate by purposeful self-extermination does not mean that one supports this abomination. It's simply a fact.

      The best thing you or other whites can do to reverse their extinction is to have large families.

      There's also nothing wrong with supporting policies of limited immigration i.e. or even a moratorium on all immigration, although that will never happen because we have a thoroughly ZOG. Dr. Kevin MacDonald explains with their own writings why jews (the intellectual forefathers of libertarianism) are for open borders. It's really simple. Because the struggles & destruction of other cultures "is good for the jew."

      For scoffers: you need to do your own research, as the jews own books & white papers fully admit this.

      That doesn't mean that libertarians like RW are for open borders because of anything having to do with jews.

      The libertarian and other type of thought leaders did not tell their adherents why they're really for open borders.

  2. What the hell is an American? South American? North American?

    So we will take baby-killing nirthern European Scandinavian socialists but reject pro-life, small-business-starting Central Americans?

    All because of mythical genetic distinctions?