Friday, August 16, 2019

Artist Who Painted a Portrait of Bill Clinton in a Dress Also Painted Portrait of George W. Bush

The New York-based Australian artist Petrina Ryan-Kleid, who painted a portrait of Bill Clinton wearing a blue dress, that was owned by Jeffrey Epstein, also painted a portrait of George W. Bush.

This is one powerful artist. As with the Clinton portrait, the Bush portrait (below) also causes you to stop and think in a manner that is not flattering to the president.

This artist appears to have a very healthy anti-leader streak.



  1. Demand for her product is about to skyrocket, I'll bet.

  2. As you must be aware, Bob, we humans are very complex and mysterious beings, all of us grappling with the big question: Who am I?

    Here we have a man giving vent to his inner woman, and an adult expressing his inner child. Imagine Obama as a leather bound dominatrix animating his Marquis de Sade. 007 to the rescue!