Thursday, August 22, 2019

An Important New Book From Richard Ebeling: "A Book That Can Save the US and the World"

Richard Ebeling emails:

Dear Bob, 

I am very happy to announce that my new book, “For a New Liberalism” is now available on Amazon, in paperback for $18 and in a Kindle edition for $5. It has been published by the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER),

Jeffrey A. Tucker, the Editorial Director at AIER, issued the following release statement:
I'm so happy to present to you a book that can save the US and the world. In fact, I think this book by the great Richard Ebeling is a mighty achievement. In the tradition of Mises's “Liberalism” (1929), “For a New Liberalism” maps out the meaning, significance, and future of the free society. Like Mises, he writes this in difficult times, but the vision is there, as a corrective to both right and left (the book is balanced here!) and also shows that genuine liberalism is the right way forward for the ennoblement of the individual and the whole of humanity.

The erudition here is awesome but also purposeful: we can learn from thinkers of the past and better root the goal of a free society in a tradition of thought that long precedes the late 20th century.

Why liberalism and not "libertarianism?" I don't mind that long word but there is VAST confusion about its meaning -- i would say even more confusion on this word than liberalism itself. Now that the progressives have mostly stopped using the word they stole, we should take it back. As Mises said, it is the only right and proper term to describe our tradition and it also has the right international meaning.

Richard has worked for decades in the academic realm. Many of his books are basically unaffordable from what I can see. This one, newly published by AIER, is meant to be bought and read by everyone. It's a vast lesson and inspiration to reject the statism of both left and right and rally around the capacity of individuals and society to manage without top-down control.

Here is a fresh look and a new presentation that speaks not only to history but to our times directly -- correctly naming the threats and the answers. If you care, if you love freedom, if you love peace and prosperity, get this book, share this book, rally behind this book. I do think it is that important.
Best Wishes,

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  1. is this a new liberalism same as the old classic liberalism? That I have little quarrel with in the face of today's rabid mania