Friday, July 5, 2019

"Virginity is a Social Construct"

Miley Cyrus
Now, I have seen it all.

Over at Rod Dherer's The American Conservative blog, he linked to a Miley Cyrus music video. I am not a big music person so I barely know who Cyrus is. I clicked on the video only because it was at the Dherer post and I considered it a quick deep dive into what is being pushed out to America's youth. I do not recommend watching the video. I watched about 2:10 of 3:40 song before my head exploded from the madness.

The one thing that was most etched in my mind from the part of the video that I did view was the flash on the screen of the line: "Virginity is a Social Construct."

I have no idea what Cyrus was attempting to do here, simply gain attention, be controversial or if she really believes this. Or is this an advance in the promotion of cultural Marxist nonsense where the further away from reality an idea is the more it is promoted as a sophisticated deeper understanding of the world?

I don't know. Maybe the screenshot was added by a male producer who was trying to develop a new pick up line and decided to go with something along the lines of current cultural Marxist trends that a young "culturally aware" college freshman would buy into. "Hey, don't worry about it, virginity is just a social construct." Who knows?



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  2. Billy Ray must be so proud. From Hanna Montana to satanic slut. With the likes of Cyrus, having very little talent, the corporate entertainment industry probably concluded this was the only way to make much profits off her. The (not so) funny thing is they did the same to Christina Aguilera, who had/has exceptional singing skills. To a lesser degree the same could be said of Taylor Swift (for both slutification and voice) and many others.

    The corporate entertainment industry and these young women head down a path that may be more profitable for them, selling to the circus, but directs the evolution of homosapiens in the wrong direction.

    Based on the lyrics (assuming Cyrus was the main contributor) the song seems to be a message about this nasty entertainment machine (which includes her parents) she was born into and what it has turned her into. She is only 26 and she may be catching a clue. After, what, six years of slutification there may be hope for her. I wish her well.

    As for the “Virginity is a Social Construct” and the rest of the on screen lines flashed, and the whole video for that matter, I am betting is 95% the discretion of the video producers who are typical corporate entertainment lefties. And let’s face it, the circus goer’s love this stuff. But I don’t see what that line has to do with the song. It is just propaganda inserted by the producers who don’t care if it is relevant to the song.

    1. And who runs the 'corporate entertainment industry'? Wenzel doesn't want you to know. I wonder why?

  3. The words "Sin is in your eyes"
    also flash on the screen, (an ironically honest placement of truth, especially in such a video.)

    Then the words "My body my rule" painted on someone.

    Then she oddly continues chanting "Oh my God, oh my God," towards the end of the song. (At least she acknowledges that there is a God?)

    The most peculiar part is the hugely obese circus-worthy woman they zoom in on as she tries to make seductive eyes.

    Why are we watching this again??