Thursday, July 25, 2019

"Thatcherites, Libertarians and No Deal Brexiters" Control the UK

Boris Johnson with the Queen

Nick Bowles, an independent member of UK's parliament isn't exactly a fan of hardcore conservatives but he sets the scene as Boris Johnson settles in a Prime Minister:

Nick Boles MP @NickBoles · The hard right has taken over the Conservative Party. Thatcherites, libertarians and No Deal Brexiters control it top to bottom. Liberal One Nation Conservatives have been ruthlessly culled. Only a few neutered captives are being kept on as window dressing. 1/
 Nick Boles MP @NickBoles · The takeover that started in local constituency parties is now complete. The Brexit Party has won the war without electing a single MP. Boris Johnson isn’t our new Prime Minister; Nigel Farage is. 2/
Nick Boles MP @NickBoles · Everyone appointed to the Cabinet today has pledged to stand behind a No Deal Brexit on 31st Oct. Tomorrow and Friday every junior minister will be required to do the same. So will every Conservative candidate in an autumn election. 
We'll see what happens but in general, I don't trust politicians or what they say. When it comes to politicians only their actions speak.


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