Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Some of the Lowlights of the Tuesday Night Democratic Debate

I am not going to waste my time taking apart the consistently outrageous statements made during the Tuesday night Democratic debate. All the candidates and the moderators have a serious central planning perspective. (John Delaney might have a small, very small, appreciation for free markets)

Here are a few of the comments made that would put any of them in the running for a Hayekian Fatal Conceit Hall of Fame induction:

Bernie Sanders on the lack of tariffs in the past:

"Detroit was destroyed by [free] trade policies."

 Tim Ryan wants to create an industrial planning czar :

The White House position of Chief Manufacturing Officer

Pete Buttigieg on climate change:

"We have 12 years before we reach the horizon of catastrophe”

 Beto O'Rourke on climate change:

"We only have 10 years to get things right."

 Marianne Williamson calls for reparations of between $200 billion to $500 billion to blacks with slave ancestors:

 "It's... --payment of a debt that is owed. That is what reparations is."

Elizabeth Warren on creating central power centers for all kinds of crony participants:

 'We're gonna negotiate our deals with unions at the table, with small businesses at the table, with farmers at the table, with environmentalists at the table, with human rights activists at the table.'

Pete Buttigieg:

"It's time to stop worrying about what the Republicans will say. It's true if we embrace a far-left agenda, they're gonna say we're a bunch of crazy socialists. If we embrace a conservative agenda...they’re gonna say we're a bunch of crazy socialists."

Bernie Sanders pretty much admitted he wants to buy off college students:

“We need to bring millions of young people into the political process in a way that we have never seen by among other things, making public colleges and universities tuition free..."

From boring Tim Ryan's closing statement:

"I hope I captured your imagination."


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  1. I had to laugh at Warren's statement that DC is controlled by lobbyists and their clients. First, if you put a trough down, pigs will come to it, and Warren and her friends keep putting down bigger and bigger troughs. Second, I find it hard to believe that she has in the past selflessly spurned, and is going to selflessly spurn, all lobbyists; that she thinks that she can convince some folks of this either shows how stupid she is, or how stupid she thinks the voters are (could well be both).