Saturday, July 13, 2019

Oprah Winfrey Shows How a Private Property Society Could Work During a Crisis

Oprah Winfrey opened her private road on her property in Maui to help people quickly escape a major brush fire that broke out Thursday.

Residents in the town of Maalaea and parts of Kihei were sent an evacuation notice on their phones, and flights to the island were diverted.

One resident sent Oprah this tweet:

She tweeted back that she had already given permission to use her private road.
No government rules and regulations required. Most people are decent and do the decent thing.

It is much better to count on the PPS than on the government structure that has killed hundreds of millions.



  1. Exactly right.

    If it were a Govt road, they probably would have closed it on the grounds they were "helping" people avoid traffic jams and driving the wrong way into the fire.

  2. Exactly right, spontaneous order.

    If it were a Govt road, they would have closed it to avoid traffic jams and people driving the wrong way.

  3. Yep. Most people will do the "right" thing in nearly every circumstance.

    Government on the other hand? Those clowns will screw up, do the wrong thing, and arrest YOU while doing it.

    1. Considering that government is a species of organized crime it is not surprising that it attracts people with damaged morals.

  4. Slow your roll there boys...Oprah said she had given access to her road to "county officials". That's not the same as responding to your neighbors. Traffic jams and government restrictions are still in play.

  5. We have had the national guard blocking road access and river access. I have had a few friends have small confrontations with them. One who was taking his airboat up to check his cabin, he was denied access to launch his boat, and he asked, what will you do to stop me? He launched his boat.
    Another was simply driving to his cabin and had the same situation, plus a state trooper with the guard. He just said, I need to get to my cabin, you will have to physically restrain me from getting to my property and save what I can. And he drove around the road block, unhindered.
    Dr. Edelstein is correct, only this time they allowed the access to avoid violent confrontation, thankfully.