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Is This How Jeffrey Epstein Really Operated?

 Jeffrey Epstein
@quantian1 has put out the below series of tweets which more than one person in the hedge fund world has pointed out to me as a very likely explanation of how Jeffrey Epstein really operated.-RW

So, apologies in advance, but I want to do a quick little THREAD to explain my theory of what the Epstein story really is. I promise this isn't some crazy Pizzagate conspiracy about space lizards, just a neat little explanation that IMO perfectly fits the known facts (0/13):
(1/13) Let's take as our starting points two givens.(A.) You are a committed, unrepentant pedophile(B.) Because of your old job in private banking, you are very connected to lots of very, very wealthy peopleWe'll also assume a goal:(Z.) You want to become very rich 
(2/13) The obvious route is, well, obvious: you could just be a pimp, offering underage prostitute services to very rich people. This has two problems: you're very disposable (see: DC madam), and it's also not super lucrative. You can't charge millions of dollars up front.
(3/13) The second level though follows instantly: You don't need to charge up front, just get them to have underage sex, and then blackmail them afterwards for hush money. Better ROI, but you're still a liability, and producing and receiving big bribe money raises big questions. 
(4/13) So, what to do? Well, the second idea has some merits. First, you need to recruit people in. Have lots of massive parties at your spacious home (check), invite top academics, artists, politicians to encourage people to come (check), and supply lots of young women (check)
(5/13) You don't even have to do anything, and most people invited might even be totally unaware of the real purpose of the parties! But, sooner or later, some billionaire will get handsy, she'll escort him to a room with a hidden camera, things happen. Morning after, you strike.
(6/13) You inform him she was really 15, but you offer him a nice, neat way to buy your silence: a large allocation to your hedge fund, which charges 2/20 (check). To ensure nobody else asks questions, you also take the extraordinary step of demanding power of attorney (check)
(7/13) The fund is offshore in a tax haven (check) and nobody will see the client list (check). Of course, you don't really know anything about investing, instead making up some nonsense about currency trading (check), and nobody on Wall Street has ever traded with you (check)
(8/13) The fund itself doesn't need investment personnel (check), only some back office people to process the wires (check). You don't want to money from non-pedophiles, or they'll notice you've just put it in a S&P 500 fund, so you reject all incoming inquiries (check)
(9/13) A $20 million wire from Billionaire X to you with no obvious reason will raise many questions, and the IRS will certainly want to know what you did to warrant it. A $5 million quarterly fee for managing $1 billion in assets? Nobody bats an eye.
(10/13) Because of this structure, you're extraordinarily secretive about client lists (check) because they aren't clients, they're pedophiles paying you bribes, and they also are very secretive, which is why no letters or return streams ever leak (check)
(11/13) Occasionally you may also try this trick on other people: important political figures, mayors, prosecutors, etc. They don't invest in the fund, but it's nice to have them in your pocket. Others (academics, artists, etc.) can just be bought with money as a PR smokescreen.
(12/13) And, of course, the scam can be kept going as long as people are willing to pay, which is forever. If you're ever caught, just lean on some of your other friends in government to lean on the prosecutor to get you a sweetheart deal. There's almost zero risk. 
(13/13) And the last piece of the puzzle is the evidence. You'd want it somewhere remote, but accessible: a place the US can't touch but you have an excuse to visit all the time to update. Remember that offshore fund?
I bet there's a *very* interesting safe deposit box there.
Two small points of clarification:1. This scheme works just as well if the billionaires are in on it from the getgo as a way to buy sex; I assumed that was obvious but I guess not.2. There’s no need to invoke the Mafia/Russia/Mossad/CIA/etc, that’s just needlessly overfitting.
There was a secret safe in Epstein's island:

From Bloomberg:

The only unusual aspect of the main residence the former worker said he was aware of were the security boxes in two offices. The level of secrecy around a steel safe in Epstein’s office, in particular, suggested it contained much more than just money, he said. Outside of an occasional visit by a housekeeper, no one was allowed in those rooms.


From The Boston Globe:

How Jeffrey Epstein made himself into a ‘Harvard man’

Before Jeffrey Epstein was disgraced — before he was arrested this month and charged with sex trafficking dozens of minors, before he received a slap on the wrist in 2008 for molesting girls at his mansion in Palm Beach, Fla. — he aimed to be a Harvard man.

He contributed millions to the university, reportedly funding the construction of Harvard Hillel’s building, and helping to establish the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics. He frequented an office blocks from campus, and flew up in his private plane to host seminars there with some of Harvard’s most prominent professors, according to Alan Dershowitz, an emeritus professor of law at Harvard who served as one of Epstein’s lawyers. Among Epstein’s close associates, according to a 2003 Harvard Crimson article, were former president Lawrence Summers, former dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Henry Rosovsky, and professor emeritus of psychology Stephen Kosslyn...

Epstein savored his university ties. He was photographed wearing a crimson sweatshirt, “Harvard” emblazoned in white letters across his chest. As recently as 2014, Epstein’s foundation issued press releases referring to him as a “Harvard mogul,” and “renowned science and Harvard investor.”

But Epstein was not, exactly, a Harvard mogul. He was not a Harvard alum, a Harvard professor, or a Harvard parent.

Instead, he seems to have simply chosen Harvard to be his, adding it to a collection of prized objects that would reflect glory back upon him, like the photographs of famous people displayed in his New York home, the lavish properties he amassed from Manhattan to the Caribbean, and the young girls he allegedly hunted down...

 Epstein successfully cultivated close relationships with preeminent professors, partly through funding individual research projects. Multiple professors told the Crimson in 2003 that Epstein was funding some of their work.

Epstein also regularly hosted private lunches and seminars in an office at One Brattle Square, where he invited world-renowned faculty members to share their work, said Dershowitz, who sometimes attended, and described the sessions as “very intellectual, very academic.”



According to prosecutors, Jeffrey Epstein is worth more than $500 million and earns more than $10 million in income annually.


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  1. A 727 alone costs several million per year to run, and upkeep on massive real estate holdings is expensive as well. Hard to see how he finances that lifestyle on $10 mil/year.

    1. There's also the island and the "crazy Pizzagate conspiracy" appearance of the buildings on it.

  2. Ghislaine Maxwell is being named by some media outlets as a co-conspirator. She just happens to be the daughter of Robert Maxwell, who was thought to have been an agent for the Mossad. Curious.

  3. "(6/13) You inform him she was really 15, but you offer him a nice, neat way to buy your silence"

    Can anyone explain why this deal does not work both ways and threaten Epstein as much as the client?

  4. That's $10 mil/year reported. On which he probably paid little or no taxes. So more like $20 mil.