Saturday, July 20, 2019

Is Donald Trump Jr. at Bohemian Grove?

Donald Trump Jr.
Ok, as I reported last week, the secretive men's club, the Bohemian Club, is in session at its rural retreat, Bohemian Grove, just north of San Francisco.

The elitists started meeting July 10 and will continue to do so until July 28. So I am paying close attention to what power elites are visiting northern California, the location of the Grove, during this period.

The first to make a very odd stop in northern California was Vice President Mile Pence.

Now Donald Trump Jr. is in the area.

The San Francisco Eater reports:
Donald Trump, Jr. — while no fan of San Francisco’s political and cultural tendencies — doesn’t appear immune to the city’s gastronomic charms. The president’s large adult son dined with about 15 others at Pacific Heights restaurant Sorrel this week, following a meet-and-greet fundraiser event on Nob Hill this Wednesday.
Sorrel, which recently received a Michelin star, opened at 3228 Sacramento Street in 2018. There, chef Alex Hong and partner Colby Heiman have quickly made a name for their restaurant: Hong was a 2019 James Beard Award nominee for rising star chef.
The Nob Hill event was a fundraiser with a photo op going for $35,000 per person. According to CBS-San Francisco, there were about 50 or so people in the room.

But Bohemian Grove is only 76 miles away. My trusty Google assistant tells me that you could even walk there in less than 24 hours.