Monday, July 22, 2019

In Defense of Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar
By Robert Wenzel

President Trump has used his Twitter thumbs to go on the attack against the four socialist Democratic congresswomen known as "The Squad."

And, indeed, there is a lot to attack when considering the economic policy positions of these women and their general central planning perspective. They pretty much have everything wrong from a free-market domestic policy view. They suffer from a severe case of what the Nobel prize-winning economist Friedrich Hayek called a fatal conceit, that is the holding of the view that society can be centrally planned.

It is remarkable that the Buffoon-in-Chief was able to botch his attack against these socialists so badly that the left was able to respond with a claim that he was a racist. His wording, purposely or not, did nothing but fuel the lower levels of the 30% of the American voting public that form his solid base.

I mean, the damn communists/socialists are responsible for hundreds of millions dead (See: Death By Government). Everywhere the system has been tried it fails. From the staging area of the presidency, there can be some serious inroads made against the advancing socialist trend but Trump didn't come close.

And further, his attack focused most on Congresswoman Ilhan Omar where she was correct and he was wrong.

Consider these tweets:

What the hell is Trump's obsession with Israel? Does he really think the Israel-obsessed Miriam Adelson is actually going to get him in the Bible? Hey, Miriam, If you are so in love with Israel, why don't you move back there?

Omar and the rest of The Squad have it right here. There is much too much focus by US government officials on the well-being of Israel. The focus on Israel should be the same as it should be on other countries: ZERO. There should be no US foreign meddling anywhere. Free trade between countries, that is all. Which, by the way, with Trump's ancient mercantilist, tariff happy perspective on trade he is against.
But President Trump's faulty attacks on Omar go well beyond Israel. The New York Times reports that Trump in attack mode had this to say at a rally this past week in North Carolina:
So Representative Omar blamed the United States for the terrorist attacks on our country, saying that terrorism is a reaction to our involvement in other people’s affairs.
Omar is correct here. The terrorist attacks were blowback as a result of the US presence in the Middle East.

And then Trump had this to say in a sarcastic manner at the Wednesday rally:
When she talked about the World Trade Center being knocked down, "some people." You remember the famous "some people.” 
Well, Omar is correct here also. The attack on the World Trade Center was done by some people and not the entire Muslim world. The proper thing for the United States to do, if we are to hold the view that it should do something, is to go after the plotters that were behind the attacks, not attack two countries that has left uncounted numbers of innocent dead, and continues to leave the US in a quagmire in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and in fact the Greater Middle East.

The Trump attack on The Squad is a failure. Instead of attacking The Squad at the heart of their horrific socialist domestic policy positions, Trump has been throwing red meat out to the lower rungs of his supporters, largely focused around nationalistic-based attacks that put the nation and implied military might first, plus of course, a "special relationship" with Israel.

The red meat stuff will charge up his base but it will further chase America's youth into the hands of The Squad where they will be spending most of their time discussing domestic socialist policies and not foreign policy.

Robert Wenzel is Editor & Publisher of EconomicPolicyJournal.comand Target Liberty. He also writes EPJ Daily Alert and is author of The Fed Flunks: My Speech at the New York Federal Reserve Bankand most recently Foundations of Private Property Society Theory: Anarchism for the Civilized Person Follow him on twitter:@wenzeleconomics and on LinkedIn. His youtube series is here: Robert Wenzel Talks Economics. More about Wenzel here.


  1. There's no question that Trump's series of bizarre attacks on four freshmen Congresswomen is a failure from an intellectual and ideological standpoint, but there should not be a single question about the great positive impact on his approval numbers wih his base, primarily because most of his adoring supporters agree with his nativist and nationalist views, with his argument that true Americans don't criticize the country (read: the State). Trump and his supporters are the worst kind of statists: the kind that believe are under a constant state of siege from made-up chimeras. Of course they would chant calls to expel these 'enemies' rather than engage them on an intellectual level because this is not an intellectual battle for them.

    Before Trump tweeted his untimely attacks on the four women of color, he had done something that was truly brilliant: He defended Nancy Pelosi from Alexandria Ocasio's insinuation that there was a racial component behind Pelosi's criticisms of the so-called Squad. It was a brilliant move, because it could have divided the Democratic party along the clear ideological line that manifested itself and was causing a great rift between the moderate core of the Dem9cratic party and the more radical outliers. But in his usual and undisciplined fashion, he went for the facile and the expedient that weekend and managed to re-unite the party while painting himself as a white supremacist, whether he meant to or not. But the Base loved it.

    The president certainly didn't lose with his base. Whether this little victory will translate to his reelection is another matter.

    1. Trump doesn't want a split between the regular democrats and the radicals. Rather he wants the democrat party to embrace the radicals which will leave many democrat voters politically homeless with Trump being the closest thing to their views. Remember Trump was a 1980s democrat and his views have changed very little. The further the democrats shift left, the better it is for him.

      Play the tapes of Clinton and Obama and then listen to Trump again. Same stuff, even on immigration. The numbers seem to show that Trump is also less effective in action behind the words.

      The polls of course won't show these democrats choosing to vote for Trump because they won't tell anyone, they'll just do it. The only thing that will stop it barring some huge blunders is the democrats disowning the radicals instead of embracing their policies.

      Also there's a slight of hand going on. The more attention that goes to twitter nonsense the less attention goes to policy changes and the like.

  2. RW wrote: "What the hell is Trump's obsession with Israel?...
    Omar and the rest of The Squad have it right here. There is much too much focus by US government officials on the well-being of Israel. The focus on Israel should be the same as it should be on other countries: ZERO."

    While Trump gave somewhat mixed messages via his "dog-whistle" type remarks to truthers prior to the election, he is & has always been, as he has admitted, a committed zionist, "just like my father Fred before me," as he put it.

    (I told him this on live international TV, by the way, lol and he complimented me, which to my knowledge he has never complimented anyone else who has disrupted his speech.
    ) I had also talked to Trump about the "undue influence of the Israeli lobby on our government" and politely asked him "if he can do something about it" 10 days prior to the TV incident , (which is probably why he remembered me.)

    This is why people say we have a ZOG. By the way, someone in California once tried to buy a custom "NO ZOG" for their vehicle license plate, but later some people complained and the DMV revoked the "hateful" plates. 😅

    The only other time anyone has complained about Israel to trump publicly on tv was when a very polite elderly gentleman at a Trump town hall told trump that he is against killing babies (abortion) and that he's "opposed to wasting our military in the Middle East on behalf of Zionist Israel."

    Trump called him "NASTY!" & insisted israel is top priority. Video here:

    There is nothing to be done about this, it will never change; it's only good to be aware of what the political situation in this country is actually comprised of.

  3. "Well, Omar is correct here also. The attack on the World Trade Center was done by some people and not the entire Muslim world."

    So according to your own logic, only SOME socialists were responsible for things like the Holodomor and the Great Leap Forward, therefore you shouldn't discriminate against all socialists.