Friday, July 26, 2019

How To Avoid an Attack by an Urban Primitive Gang (DC Tourist Savagely Beaten Edition)


A tourist was savagely beaten, stomped and spit on by a gang of urban primitives at the entrance to the Washington Hilton Hotel around 1 a.m. on July 14, according to Washington, D.C. police.

The video below is shocking.


The Hilton is located only about twelve blocks from the White House. It's where numerous DC-power player events are held including the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner. It is also where President Ronald Reagan was shot by a would-be assassin in 1981.

Some reports are calling the attack unprovoked but my guess is that one of the two men said something to the group outside the area of the hotel carport. (Not that whatever was said justified the beatdown that took place.) Notice also early in the clip the UPs do not touch or do anything to the three (four?) white people walking away from the hotel, who would have been easier targets.  Two were girls with purses.

The urban primitives were somehow triggered by at least one of the two men walking toward the entrance to the Hilton.

This was not a gang roaming the streets to rob etc.. There were girls in the group who looked like they were dressed for a party, albeit, an urban primitive party.

My guess is that one of the men said something like "Get to the side of the street," as they passed.

Rule # 1: You do not say anything to a bunch of urban primitives when you pass other than maybe a respectful nod, unless you are accompanied by a SWAT team.

At least one of the two men must have continued with some kind of verbal barrage from a distance because the urban primitives had to run to catch up to them.

Rule # 2: Do not wake urban primitives--even from a distance.

One of the two men, while in the carport area, then points and says something to an urban primitive that approaches him. Dumb.

Rule #3: Do not argue, attempt to bully an urban primitive, especially when he has backup. You head for the quickest open door---which in this case was only feet away.

Throw money in the air if you have to, to divert attention. Urban primitives will chase money.

It is all about situational awareness and the common sense not to signal on urban primitive turf that you are somehow superior.

According to WRC-TV,  the attacked man suffered head injuries and a left eye socket injury. the other suffered a swollen left eye. They were treated at a local hospital.



Via ABC News:

The hotel said in a statement that it believed the attack had been sparked by an incident at a nearby bar, according to ABC News affiliate WJLA-TV.

"I have been able to connect with our hotel and security teams. They believe that the events leading up to the attack outside the front door of the hotel began at a nearby bar. In terms of comment, our immediate thoughts are with the victim and we wish him a full and speedy recovery. We are not aware of a direct connection with our hotel, but when our team learned of the attack, they were quick to assist the victim and medical first responders. We have also offered all appropriate assistance to law enforcement as they seek to bring the perpetrators to justice," Nigel Glennie, vice president of corporate communications, said in a statement to WJLA-TV Wednesday.


Via The Washington Post:

The police report on the incident indicates there might have been a prior interaction between the teenagers and the victim, or the people he was with. One person told police that while walking to the hotel, the teenagers were seen at a corner. One yelled out, “That’s him,” while pointing to a person in the group.


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  2. "I shouted some bullshit at some strangers in a strange city, then they kicked my butt. How could I have known what would happen? I'm just a tough guy."

  3. nobody engaged to interrupt the feral loop, but played into the drama set for them; and nobody watched their 6.

  4. I'm sure the UP's are simply 'natural libertarians' who simply have not been instructed in the principles of NAP and PPS. Damn shame the victim did not have gun to shoot everyone of them dead.

    1. Yeah, or maybe they're the product of 50 years of government education, government welfare, government drug wars and government wage laws.

      $50 says Lab Manager's wife left him for a black guy.

    2. Didn't you say your woman a government employee? Maybe she's part of the problem.

    3. Hey Donxon, would you want to live in the same neighborhood with these savages? I already know the answer you racist. Maybe one day one society collapses you can watch as they rape one of your wife or female relatives on the granite counter top. All cultures are equal after all.

      Every one of them needs to savagely killed and set out hanging as an example. Too bad Lincoln did not live to round them up and move them back to their homeland.

      Let us not forget the white 24 year old killed by a black mob in Detroit. RW won't post that one here because he is part of the leftist narrative.

    4. Yeah, that would have been ugly either way it went if the victim were armed, not a good situation. I like Bob's idea, throw something shiny in the other direction, like some money or something and get the heck out of there.

    5. Hey Lab Manager. I live in Oakland, broheim. Check the demographics.

      Here's what I don't understand. Why can't any of these pussy white boys defend themselves? Why do the black dudes always kick their butts? You'd think whitey would possess some sort of physical prowess, what with his superior genes and all.

      "Every one of them needs to savagely killed and set out hanging as an example. Too bad Lincoln did not live to round them up and move them back to their homeland. " - Lab Manager

      Seems to me that any black person who attacks Lab Manager is acting in self defense. If it's justifiable to attack immigrants who MIGHT use the state to receive this or that handout, certainly it's justifiable to attack someone who wants the state to to "savagely kill" people.

      Everyone note that Lab Manager did not deny that his wife left him for a black man. He goes on and on about rape, but he ain't talkin' about his wife and T-Boss Tyrone. That ain't rape. She's loves it, and even his kids know it.


      Does anyone else think this Lab Manager asshole is a fed or some sort of plant? This can't be for real, right?

    6. Paul Hanson

      My lady works with foster kids, specializing in those with severe trauma backgrounds. She has lots of fancy degrees from fancy schools. I wonder if you're made of stern enough stuff to work with little kids who have been gang-raped. She works for a private agency that's funded by private grants. She could probably kick your ass too. And I gotta say she looks pretty sexy firing an Ar-15. Have you ever had to worry about human traffickers following you home from work?

      What exactly do you do for a living, Polly? Let's see if we can trace any of your income back to the government. I love playing that game, and I've got time.

      Your move pal.

    7. "RW won't post that one here because he is part of the leftist narrative. "

      This! This is the best use of the English language in a thousand years. We should all just stop, because what could one add to such a singularity of wisdom. Robert "Leftist Narrative" Wenzel! Back in the day Lenin used to call him 'El En'!

      Is this real? It smells like bacon around here.

    8. 23 year old Lawrence James Davis has been charged in the murder of 24 year old Tyler Wingate. Davis is still at large .

    9. @Donxon
      A "privately funded" social worker? Lol. Whatever you say. And yes, I was a government paid employee fighting for Israel's interests in the USMC. As for your lady, she sounds about as internet tough as you.

    10. So Donxon is ok with the black savagery seems to be what he is saying. Yes, I would love to exterminate these blacks along with the white libtards that enable them, but I'm not allowed to because that would be 'da rasis' and you know the rest of the drill.

      Any libertarian blacks in your neighborhood? I would guess the answer is no.

    11. @Paul Hanson

      Private organizations also hire social workers. Schools, hospitals, etc. Right now she works for a law firm that does pro bono work for foster kids. You got something against foster kids now?

      Why did you sign up to kill people at the behest of the psychos in DC. Are you stupid or something?

    12. @ LabManager

      The corner market is owned by an Ethiopian couple. I've chit chatted with them about politics. We haven't dived into the nitty gritty of Rothbardian anarchy yet, but they are way more libertarian than you could ever hope to be.

  5. Any attack by a group should be prosecuted as attempted murder or kidnapping if they just encircle and prevent the victim from escaping.
    - nobody feels responsible
    - everybody wants to show off
    - it's basically a terrorist tactic - creates hate & fear, deserves to have victim return with a gun.

  6. I beg to differ. These kinds of unprovoked (can that be repeated? Unprovoked) attacks are becoming common in big cities, and are usually perpetrated by black youths - often in their early to mid teens. It is a type of brutal thrill-seeking behavior.

    It happens with zero notice and zero provocation - or even interaction of any kind.

    It often happens in broad daylight.

    It targets one person (usually randomly) at the exclusion of other passersby.

    Carrying a weapon won't help, because it is either a) a mob-type blitz attack, or b) a surprise attack (sometimes from behind) by a single assailant.

    I personally witnessed such attacks twice - once by a mob of middle-school age youths - males and females, beating and then stomping a man in the head as he lay on the ground. Also I witnessed an attack by a single assailant, sucker-punching a man in the head from behind. Both were in broad daylight with other passersby in proximity, both times the assailants got away.

    There are no easy theories or preventive strategies here. I will say that when I see a group of black youths age 13-16, I cross to the other side of the street.

  7. I carry a firearm everywhere I go: To the local grocer, to family functions, camping, on walks, while cutting the grass,...even to the municipal swimming pool.
    If I have to travel to another city, I bring a pistol. And if it's a city that doesn't allow firearm self-defense, then I just don't travel there.