Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Here is a Big Problem for Immigration Haters...

Breitbart reports:
The murder rate of Baltimore, Maryland, is set to continue to be higher than Central America’s most dangerous countries, analysis finds.
Research by Princeton Policy Advisors’ Steven Kopits reveals that Baltimore has long had a higher murder rate than the most crime-ridden nations of Central America, where thousands of migrants flee from every year.
Based on the current rate of murders in Baltimore, Kopits projects that Baltimore’s murder rate for 2019 will come in at about 56 murders per 100,000 people — making it more than twice as dangerous as the country of Guatemala....
Meanwhile, El Salvador had a murder rate of 50 murders per 100,000 people in 2018, lower than Baltimore’s despite the violent MS-13 gang holding its headquarters in the small Central American country.
Likewise, Honduras is projected to have a murder rate of 38 murders per 100,000 people this year, while Guatemala had a murder rate of about 22 murders per 100,000 people in 2018.
The problem isn't a people. It is government dependency that only makes things worse.

Immigrants that come here to work, do not generally cause trouble.

Those dependent on government end up being the real problem.

The solution is shrinking the government.



  1. Of course we are forbidden to state the obvious problem in Baltimore.

    1. That black on black violence is such an inconvenient truth and people dont want me to laugh like a mad hatter when they talk reparations! Puhhhlease.

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    1. "The problems caused by mass immigration...."

      Yeah. They seek to replace you. Wait, what was the problem again, 'Sherlock'?

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  3. What are the demographics of Baltimore? Is it that demographics that are the problem? That demographic is over-represented in violent crime statistics. That demographic is only 13% of the US population, but they commit over 50% of the violent crime? How come?

    1. Cops are 13% of the population now? Well that explains a lot!

    2. No the demographics I'm referring to are not cops. Keep guessing, I'm sure you'll figure it out.

    3. "Cops are good!" said the Statist.

  4. I'm not ashamed to say that we need to kick out all legal and illegal immigrants. It would be nice if we could deport our worthless black population along with some whites who are worthless. This would raise GDP considerably just by not having to support them.

    Government support is definitely and issue, but some minorities have a high time preference mentality and is probably genetic.

    I sure would like to meet some of those libertarian brown immigrants that supposedly exist.

    1. Who is "we"? Didn't your wife leave you for a black man?

    2. I have 3 Brazilian friends here that are immigrants, they did not know each other until they came to Alaska, they are hardcore libertarian anarchist now(since they have listened to my radio show)They all have their own businesses too, and make a good living. They were easier to convince of the evils of the State than any white Americans I have met.
      And they have given a lot different picture to me on how “easy” it is for an immigrant to get welfare than what I have been told by the anti-immigration folks.
      Kicking out all legal and illegal immigrants is the most ridiculously idiotic proposal I’ve ever heard of.
      I do think Geronimo thought the same way I guess.
      My mother in law is a Dutch born Canadian, she lives in America, so she should go back too?

    3. Ok, so you found some Brazilians who have some libertarian views. What about the other millions you think should just come across the border and make America a turd world country?

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  6. Calling someone you disagree with a hater is a tactic of the left, Bob. What’s up with that? Same as calling someone a racist.

    Once again, Bob uses the Breitbart article to bring up the phony issue of rate. The rate is irrelevant. Bob’s argument, apparently, is that until illegals kill people at the same rate that people get killed in Baltimore, it’s ok to bring in thieves, murderers, drunk drivers, rapists, etc. What then? We’ve reached equilibrium and *then* we clamp down?

    Here are seven more people that would have been alive if the "immigrant" had been deported. And, oh, look, he's not a Mexican. Just pointing out this is not a "race" issue. (Mexican is not a race - just a reminder.)


    Here’s a nice story about “Immigrants that come here to work.”


    And here’s what Mike Rozeff had to say about uncontrolled immigration at LRC:


    1. Many libertarians don't see that they are promoting degeneracy and cultural marxism

    2. Many immigrant haters dont see that they are cultivating a police state.

    3. The police state is one thing but it is the killing of the working class by the all powerful oligarchy that creates the paranoia.

      When your standard of living steadily decreases and your income is stagnant. All competition - as in recent years - is life and death competition! People lose sight that the frenzy is created by the very totalitarian police state we now live in and they dont want any of the blame.

      Its best to have the Idiocracy blame the invading immigrant hordes for everything the swamp is doing to it.

      I sometimes read the hateful exchanges here and marvel at the lack of insight.

    4. The problem is the monetary system, not the immigrants.

    5. Look back at history. What is better a police state or degenerates everywhere? I rather have the police state any day.

    6. "The problem is the monetary system, not the immigrants."

      So why not attack the root cause problem and make immigration a non-issue? Because that would be cruel to the immigrants and would be immigrants. It's not the immigrants fault the way the system is. So you're stuck with a system that pits people against each other fighting over plunder and not to be plundered. All you can do then is wait for collapse and see what comes out of that.

    7. @Limelemon

      In a police state the cops are the degenerates.

    8. No, in a police state, the degenerates don't enter and ruin the country, and the cops maintain law and order. Look at the police state in Germany from '33-'45. Very nice place to live for the German people.

    9. "The cops maintained law and order"

      You misspelled "murdered millions of innocent people"


      If I were a state operator hoping to discredit libertarians and libertarian ideas I would seek out places where intelligent, thoughtful, peaceful, friendly, reasonable libertarians gather, and cheer on insane nazi bullshit while calling myself a libertarian. I would do it loudly and often.

  7. "The problem isn't a people. It is government dependency that only makes things worse."
    "The solution is shrinking the government."

    Without government transferring resources immigration is largely a non-issue so are a lot of other things. Yet, we aren't supposed to look at the real problem. Just let more and more people in. Increase the political battles for plunder and not to be plundered. Call those who don't want to be plundered further racists, because resources are infinite? That's what the socialists think. Resources are infinite so the only reason not to let people in and give them stuff is because you hate them.

    RW, don't you want to pay several thousand more in taxes each year to hire more teachers, more school administrators, social workers, build more roads, schools, expand the water systems, etc? If you don't, you're a hater. Especially water systems. How many decades has it been since California added more storage capacity for water? All these people and someone has to fork over the cash because this isn't a PPS and it isn't going to be those working for a few bucks an hour.

    1. Jimmy joe, this is a ridiculous argument. You think taxes, more taxes, more welfare, more government spending, has jack to do with immigration? How simple minded can you be? Same with lime lemon and the fearless unemployed Lab manager. The state uses immigration as a tool to manipulate you fools. Donald Trump gives a crap about immigration? No, except you fools get hot to trot when he says bad immigrants. The State is the evil you should focus on. People are just people. LM, you go on and on about deporting whoever. You are a damn fool. Deport every immigrant. My god you have a pea brain. Lime lemon, all you can talk about is percentages of this means percentages of that. You fool. The State has created the situation these black folks are in. And don’t tell me white folks arent just as bad. Antifa? White kids. ALL OF THE DEMOCRATS SOCIALIST running for president? White folks. Or mostly white. Donald Trump who murdered an 8 year old American girl? Well, I guess he is Orange. Your silly grade school antics, are very very tiring. I mean I literally think I’m reading the backwoods cast of deliverance whenever you write something here. You are wrong, every time you post a comment, you are wrong. You guys are so pathetic, so tiresome, I’m thinking about offering Wenzel cash money to ban you. (Maybe that’s Bobs real game)! Yeah, cash money. Something I seriously doubt any of you have outside of a government check. Do you get excited every time you see the mail man? Muh guvment check!! Seriously, what have any of you done that warrants the rest of us not deporting you? What one single slob good have you done for humanity? One thing. Tell us all what YOU have done for humanity, that’s actually a positive.
      I’m thinking cricket cricket.

    2. First, insult is not an argument. Secondly of course there is a manipulation going on, there always is. Third immigration has always been an economic issue to pit people against each other so the corporations have the lowest cost of labor. In years past it was entirely who would price their labor lowest. Today corporations socialize their labor costs through government services and wealth transfers. The people who can have the government cover some or all of their living expenses can then bid their labor lower. If the state's interference is removed then labor costs increase. All welfare is corporate welfare or it wouldn't exist.

      "The State is the evil you should focus on."

      That's the theme of what I wrote. Were you too "simple minded" to grasp that? Immigration becomes a non-issue if the state is removed from the equation. But you and others want the status quo with more and more people which means growing the government.

      "Deport every immigrant."

      Is that what you are arguing? I made no such argument. Again I call for the removal of the state's power. But you can't have that. You apparently want the state healthy, strong, and growing.

      "The State has created the situation these black folks are in."

      No Sh*t Sherlock. But do you call for reduction of the state? No. You insult me for opposing the growth of the state.

      "I’m reading the backwoods cast of deliverance whenever you write something here. "

      That probably has something to do with your reading skills, the lack of them.

      "You are wrong"

      So you think the state is just fine or the problem? Which is it? I argued it's the problem. Without the state the immigration problem largely goes away.

      "I’m thinking about offering Wenzel cash money to ban you."

      Because I point out that more and more people that rely on government doesn't lead to liberty? That more and more government services, government jobs, government infrastructure, government schools, and more doesn't lead to liberty? Sure ban me if you don't want to read that.

      "What one single slob good have you done for humanity? One thing. Tell us all what YOU have done for humanity, that’s actually a positive. "

      For starters I figure I've conservatively created around 20 million dollars in wealth in my career distributed between myself (the least), the countless people in the manufacturing chain, my employers and its distributors and retailers(the second most, with much of that going to the salaries of people in the sales chain), and the customers(the largest share). That's a lot of people who purchase housing, food, education, and more that betters their lives due to the things I've come up with over the years. There's more beyond the direct economic but that's more than enough for the purposes here.

      Many of the people in the manufacturing chain and the customers are also immigrants or in countries immigrants come from BTW. I serve humanity every day but you insult me because I object to the state taking a large cut of my tiny share of the value of what I do. The only reason for you to object to what I wrote is that you benefit from what the government takes from people like me. I get the feeling you get a government check and thus you project that on others. The only question is if you get the check as welfare or if you are a government employee. I'd guess the later. You write like one of these government employees who thinks he's doing something positive for humanity. I am guessing you have one of those government jobs that gets a big salary and pension like government school administrator.

      What have you done besides support government growth?

    3. Jimmy, my comment to you was only in the first 2 sentences. I apologize I didn’t make that clear.
      I’m not a government employee. I don’t get guvment checks. I own a business with 40+ employees in Alaska, servicing the north slope oil companies, grossing around $4-6 million a year. Congrats on making good cash money!
      What I don’t understand with what your comment was how do you propose smaller government when it will take more government to enforce all immigration. Government will have to grow, and from what we have seen around the borders we get more police state tactics, “show me your papers”. My point to you is the State will grow in taxation, legislation, law enforcement, regulation, whether we have immigration, even illegal, or not. And demanding the State to close the borders is asking for them to grow.

    4. "What I don’t understand with what your comment was how do you propose smaller government when it will take more government to enforce all immigration."

      Why is immigration enforced? It's largely economic. It is to prevent people from showing up and then creating a net expense for the taxpayers. That's now most every nation does or at one time did immigration. The US system was supposed to work that way too. It simply was made into one that effectively does not.

      So there's a choice to make things work. Either heavy enforcement to keep people out with lots of socialized government services and a welfare state inside the walls, or very little enforcement if any and no welfare and pay for service. Additionally if there is going to be significant immigration then business licensing and regulation designed to restrict who can play has to go away too.

      If the economic issues are fixed, is enforcement needed? Not so much. Practically the only people who are going to show up are those you want to show up. Especially if the prohibitions on various substances goes away too.

      Then there's the 'they took our jerbs' argument. That's probably the most difficult one to deal with, but if government wasn't stifling people from creating businesses and creating two tier cost system through taxation and welfare it would be minor.

      The only worry would be a flood of cheap labor, but in this day and age I am uncertain if that's a big threat if markets were opened up.

      I simply don't see enforcement being all that necessary once there's practically nothing to get at taxpayer expense on this side of the border. If the fed is done away with and the foreign policy corrected then remaining reasons for enforcement will drop off. That would only leave issues that result from other nations' governments making things really bad. Those escaping hoard issues will still be something to deal with. But it will be down to only one problem class, not several like now.

  8. As the inimitable Vox Day says "Diversity + Proximity = War".