Monday, July 1, 2019

Godspeed Justin Raimondo, You Brilliant Son of a Bitch

Justin Raimondo
By Nicky Reid

The son of a bitch promised he wasn’t gonna go. That’s what goes through my grief wrenched mind tonight, as I learn that Justin Raimondo, easily the greatest writer of the Paleoconservative Movement and total unapologetic son of a bitch to the bitter end, has passed after a white knuckle brawl with lung cancer, at 67. He can’t be dead. Their has to be a catch. He was so certain that he could kick that bastard disease back to hell where it belonged that he made you believe it too. Justin Raimondo, America’s own Yukio Mishima, an abominable twin-fisted fag who punched mountains just for the exercise between cigarettes is dead? No. No fucking way. Not possible.

To those of you who don’t know Justin and his work, I have no words to give you. There is simply no way to possibly describe to the uninitiated how massive he was to the Antiwar Movement. But I grew up, a pissed off anti-imperialist queer in my own right, enthralled by the Old Testament grade power of his sublime diction. It made little difference that he was a Buchananite isolationist and that I was a lefty-Yippie-anarcho-punk. He was radical. His enemies were my enemies, Kristol, Horowitz, Hitchens, Rumsfeld, Cheney, and he cut them down mercilessly like a shogun vigilante who’s katana thirsted only for the blood of chickenhawks. I had never seen somebody so antiwar be so cruel and it was fucking beautiful. He was brilliant, cunning, merciless, and he was on our side. Those neocon pussies didn’t stand a chance. He was our secret weapon, an action movie style wringer for the Peace Movement and he and Eric Garris’ remains the finest viable resource in any die-hard peacenik’s arsenal.

This isn’t to say that the old bastard couldn’t piss me off. He could make my blood boil like bacon grease, especially when he became a seemingly unshakable defender of our current foul Caesar and refused to admit that the revolution had gone sour after the Donald began racking up war crimes like the politician Justin assured us he wasn’t. I raged over this hypocrisy, not because I hated Justin but because I loved him so goddamn much that I couldn’t bare to see some slick corporate welfare queen make a fool of my sensei, simply because he wanted so badly to believe that this orange bulldozer could pave the way for the antiwar revolution that we both ached for.

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  1. The claim that any "abominable... fag" could at the same time be "easily the greatest writer of the Paleoconservative Movement" shows how twisted the minds, intellect & conscience of the general populace is. Just like today's "Milo," an (alleged) 'Catholic' 'consercative' who boasts in the most vulgar way of sodomy with his preferred multiple African men... Anyone who thinks any of these people are or represent "conservatism" or "traditionalists" are simply flat out insane, or more likely, demon possessed.

    1. First of all, comparing Justin Raimondo to Milo Yiannopoulos is incredibly insulting to Justin's legacy.

      One is a superficial provocateur who revels in crass controversy and the triggering of campus snowflakes and the other is perhaps the greatest voice in the anti-war movement over the last twenty five years.

      You are trying to reduce the value of the content produced to the sexual orientation of the person who produced it. The latter has no necessary bearing on the former.

      Maybe you are a religious fundamentalist who thinks being gay is a sin. But you know what is a far greater sin according to the religious teachings that Christian Conservatives profess to believe in? Mass murder.

      So it is entirely possible that an "abominable fag" is actually far more Christ-like in his actions, and a better defender of conservative values than most Christian Conservatives.

    2. Hello Jrodefeld,

      Sodomy is one of only 4 sins that "Cry out to heaven for vengeance," according to the Catholic church.

      I don't believe that people should adopt any mortal sin as their very identity. That is lunacy.

      Yes it's good he was against war & Mass murder, (although he at least once derided 9/11 truthers , so how bottom-line honest was he anyway?)

      These is nothing conservative about an unrepentant sodomite. That does against God , and is evil. Eternity does matter. More than anything else.

      If these truths offend anyone they need to examine the state of their souls & what is really important.

  2. At first glance I thought it was Tom from MySpace.