Thursday, July 11, 2019

"Don't Violate the NAP"

Mark Addleman emails: 
 Hi Bob, 
 Libertarians in SF!
 I was wearing my "Don't Violate the NAP" t-shirt today while I was walking around downtown SF.
 At two different times, a 20-something guy stopped me to say he appreciated the politics of it. In SF!
Order here.


  1. Cute T-shirt but I prefer:

    My first protest song composed in kindergarten titled: You can put me down but I ain't nappin

  2. A big chunk of the Hippies By The Bay are libertarians who just don't understand economics. The key to talking to them is to attune to their sentiments. Most libertarians botch this because they think sentiments are stupid.


    Confused Hippie: "Wealth Inequality Boo Hoo..."

    Ineffective Libertarian: "Well actually the invisible hand of the free market allocates compensation for human capital commensurate with marginal productivity Blah Blah Blah..."

    Effective Libertarian: "Hey 'Boo Hoo' is right man. We're all getting screwed by The Fed. Did you know they just create money out of thin air and that's how they buy all those bombs they drop on kids. And now we have to pay taxes on pot!"