Monday, July 29, 2019

Do We Need a 'Department of Children'?

Marianne Williamson
I am sure glad Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson is not registering at significant levels in the polls. I hope it stays that way.

She appears to have no idea as to the problems with central planning. She talks about the problems inner-city pre-school children have but appears to have no ability to link it to government programs that encourage the split-up of families, programs of coerced public school cockroach education that create multi-generational problems and government minimum wage laws which prevent inner-city youth from getting that very important first job.

She doesn't notice any of this government failure and instead calls for more government "solutions"!

The answer is, of course, free markets and the end to government interventions in families, education and employment, not an expansion of government in the abuse, and that is what it would be, of pre-schoolers.

Quite frankly, Willaimson wouldn't pass a background check for babysitting even Donald Trump.

According to a 1992 Skeptical Inquirer magazine article by Martin Gardner, in the past she has been "mired in a series of unhappy love affairs, alcohol and drug abuse, a nervous breakdown, and endless sessions with therapists" and she holds the view that "sickness is an illusion and does not actually exist."


From a new Willaimson press release:
One of the pillars of my campaign for the presidency is a commitment to see every child in America -- regardless of their zip code -- attend schools that are, as I have called them, palaces of learning, culture and the arts...
Even in the most advantaged schools, children’s needs often go unmet...
This new department will implement integrated and systemic “wrap-around services” that focus on providing a whole-systems approach through intensive family and community-based programs focused on addressing and improving factors that impact ALL children living in the U.S.


  1. She is someone who needs to read a Jordan Peterson book... right after she reads Anatomy of the State.

  2. At least she does need to wear a bag over her head.

  3. I stared to watch her appearance on Dave Rubin’s Report. Between her New Age BS and his soft balling it was unwatchable. I haven’t watched Rubin much but he seems like a lightweight.

    Based on what I did see, she believes her own BS. I caught at least part of her spiel on childhood PTSD. That many children have experience PTSD as severe as veterans is certainly believable. IMO it makes sense considering how fragile children’s minds are and the condition of family life. But Williamson is like Krugman was about the Great Recession: no need to find out why it happened just grow government to fix it.

    1. In my work with children, PTSD symptons are not only initiated by direct abuse. More often, the "traumatic event" is the complete lack of rules in a household. A child without boundaries does not know where "safe" resides, and so he perpetually feels the human default, "unsafe."

      Lazy parents disgust me. A lot of New Agers in that group. Williamson doesn't know that this problem is fixed culturally, not by government dictate.