Thursday, July 25, 2019

Chicago Mayor Caught On Mic Calling Police Union Official a ‘Clown’

Lori Lightfoot
The far-left mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot was caught on an open mic calling a Chicago Fraternal Order of Police official,  Patrick Murray, a clown.

Murray the union’s second vice president was at a city council meeting to defend four coppers who were fired by the Police Board for covering up for Jason Van Dyke, the officer convicted of second-degree murder for shooting Laquan McDonald.

At one point, Lightfoot turned to corporation counsel Mark Flessner and said, “Back again. This is this FOP clown,” which was picked up on the meeting’s livestream.

Lightfoot hasn't really apologized, after the meeting all she said was “It was not appropriate for me to say that out loud.”

As I pointed out this feud between coppers and urban primitives is not our battle (SEE: A Libertarian Take on the Dissing and the Dousing of NYPD Coppers) but Lightfoot knows full well her constituency comes from the land of the UPs.

For the rest of us, it is just central planning entertainment.



Here is the video:

(ht Humanum Genus)


  1. Clown isn’t the right way to refer to this guy, and others like him. Member of a criminal gang would be more appropriate, which would make the Mayor the leader of this criminal group.

    I say, lrt them fight it out until there’s no one left standing.

  2. Why would she apologize? If he complains she'll just call him homophobic and racist. The only way he could possibly one up her is if he identified as a female. Welcome to Clown World.

    1. He'd have to identify as a "transgender female" to one up her, correct?

    2. Yes, unless some new degenerate classification of mental illness surpasses trannies.

    3. Well, just wait. I'm sure something new is forthcoming.

  3. Here's a video of her saying it

  4. Well, hell, she wouldn't a got his votes anyhow..