Friday, July 12, 2019

Alex Acosta Resigns: This Will Make Prosecutors Even Bigger Pricks

Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta has announced he will resign in the wake of the latest developments surrounding Jefferey Epstein.

Acosta was U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida at the time his office secretly cut an incredible sweetheart deal for child rapist and sex trafficker Epstein.

On an individual level, it is good to see the politically focused Acosta get some degree of comeuppance.

But sadly, from a broader perspective, the lesson prosecutors, who have their eye on more powerful political positions, will take away from the Acosta situation is to never give anybody a break. That it doesn't pay if you have greater political aspirations.

Of course, if you are a prosecutor with bigger political dreams, you will still be well tuned to political winds and influence and you will give the very powerful a break. It is the poor sap without connections that they will come down hard on without mercy for breaking some crony created law in the first place.



  1. ---"That it doesn't pay if you have greater political aspirations."---

    Or, and bear with mere here, maybe you shouldn't negotiate deals with a guy accused of prostituting underage teenage girls. Just sayin'.

  2. Did Mossad agents direct Epstein for the purposes of being able to blackmail politicians into supporting Israel ?

  3. Acosta didn't have a choice. If he went after Epstein the higher-ups would have made him an insurance salesman, or most likely something worse would have happened to him.