Thursday, June 13, 2019

YouTube Censors Project Veritas Report on Censorship!

Jordan Peterson, please hurry.

YouTube has censored the Project Veritas Pinterest investigation report.

The report provided evidence via a whistleblower that Pinterest had blacklisted the pro-life group, various conservative sites and even ZeroHedge, by classifying the sites as “Pornography, Cannot Link to Site."

Now YouTube has taken down the censorship video reporting the story.



  1. Remember when it was a conspiracy theory that the media corporations would not air or publish certain stories or facts? Now people cheer for it.

    Back in those days people would get their research and such out in books (which were generally okay because the masses didn't read them) or other means and then they would be labeled "conspiracy theories".

    The idea is that if things are only on these small platforms that are free speech that they must be "conspiracy theories" just like in the old days.

    It will probably work. Any free speech platform will have crazy stuff on it and the good will simply be thrown away with it or outright attacked for the association. The people wanting this censorship are that despicable IME.

  2. Sounds like the free market at work.

    1. Perhaps technically since the Idiocracy lacks the discernment to have a clue otherwise as to what is being created from these efforts

      What isnt accurate is the impact these "private" networks deliver as media outlets to impact the society at large. From this more accurate perspective this becomes special interest censorship and as such doesnt resemble anything remotely free market but is totalitarian without a doubt.

      That is not real free market now is it.

    2. Real free markets have never been tried before...

  3. It's a private company. They can do what they want. Words that are and will be coming back to haunt us.