Saturday, June 22, 2019

Trump: US Moving Forward on Additional Sanctions on Iran

I write in the post, INSANITY SQUARED: Does Trump Have Any Idea Why Iran is Escalating?:
Does the president even realize that the Iranians are escalating because of the sanctions that are already in place against their country?

What could possibly be the reaction of the Iranians to further sanctions other than even more escalation against the United States?

Trump is in way over his head with advisers that want war.

The most heroic thing Trump can do is remove the sanctions and start bringing the ships, sailors and soldiers home.
Of course, the reality is the president has no clue.

Trump today told reporters that the he is putting additional sanctions on Iran.

"Some of them are already in place," Trump said on the South Lawn before departing to Camp David. "We're putting additional sanctions on, they're going on slowly and, in some cases, pretty rapidly, but additional sanctions are being put on Iran."

The scared warrior has just made it more likely that Iran will escalate its harassment of the United States and its allies in the region.

Then what is the president going to do?

I repeat, there is no reason for the US military to be in the Middle East. Pulling the troops out of the region is the only option that ensures that the US stays out of harms way.


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