Sunday, June 16, 2019

Tom Cotton Calls for Military Strike Against Iran

This what a crazed neocon sounds like.
Meanwhile, thankfully, the US is losing credibility in the rest of the world, thanks to a combination of the warmonger neocons and the bully Combover man:

Adam Schiff: "There's no question that Iran's behind the attacks...The problem is we're struggling, even in the midst of this strong evidence, to persuade our allies to join us in any kind of response. It shows just how isolated the U.S. has become."



  1. That has to be THE most coherent statement I've heard from Schiff ever.

  2. The failsafe starting position on almost any issue is that the US government is lying.

    1. Trump lies always, so that's a safe assumption you posit.

    2. The US government is more than just Trump, and has been for a very, very long time.

      Yes, the US government ALWAYS lies.

  3. I have long thought that it's not possible to reform the US federal government from within (which is why I don't think that it makes sense to get involved in federal politics). We need other nations, and the internal US states, to start turning their backs on the federal government. In some sense, Trump's boorishness may have helped accelerate that, at least internationally. Perhaps another four years of Trump will cause the state governments to grow spines too.

  4. Cotton is not just a crazed Neocon, Rob. He's also a crazed nationalist, a crazed immigrant-hater and a crazed anti-libertarian ideologue.