Saturday, June 1, 2019

These Are The Exhibit Booths You See at a California Democratic Convention

The California Democratic Convention is on in San Francisco.

I have embedded myself in the middle of the madness.

Here is a sampling of what you see in the exhibit area.

Get your picture taken with a cutout of Michelle Obama:

Or AOC, Ruth Ginsburg or the sunglassed Nancy Pelosi.

You can learn about Bernie:

You can support Trump impeachment:

You can hate progress:

(I have discussed gentrification here: What the Gentrification Haters Don't Get)

More to come.



  1. Praying you survive the madness Bob.

  2. The left is very big about taxing property, taxing wealth. They could greatly diminish the effects of gentrification and minimize gentrification simply by reducing property taxes.

    People get forced out of the neighborhoods where they own property because the values increase and they cannot afford to pay the taxes. Even if landlords would not increase rents due to demand the increased taxes passed on to renters has the same effect. Areas that are run down attract new people willing to fix up buildings and replace them because the area is cheap and the taxes are relatively low (in dollars if not %).

    But there's no love on the left for reducing the taxation that drives a fair amount of gentrification. Taxation of property drives property into ever wealthier hands along with forcing economic use that can pay those taxes.

    1. These discussions always bring to mind that viral image of a young female protester with a sign asking for MOAR government, while being clubbed by a cop saying "I'm the Government". Or something like that.

  3. Lots of intellectual diversity on show from the party of tolerance. It reminds me of that scene from the movie "The Blues Brothers" where the barman says "We like both type of music, country AND western."