Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Most Shocking, Incredible, Insane YouTube Video Censorship Take Down, Yet

Viva Frei
I watch Viva Frei videos from time to time and it is hard to believe that one of his videos was taken down by YouTube.

Everything he says in the below video holds true as far as I can tell.


Jordon Peterson, please hurry!



  1. Great video. His concern with the uncertainty that YouTube insinuates in creators with its nebulous rules reminds me of the FED creating uncertainty in the market with its interest rate manipulation and other interventions.

    1. The uncertainty YouTube creates is intentional - they CANNOT publish their actual criteria because this will be an explicit admission of their extreme leftist bias.

      That, and the plain old incompetence of their SJW managers who seem to prosper in any company which doesn't care much about profitability because it by a chance came to own a reliable cash cow. Notice how Google failed to create any innovative products in the last decade (Android, YouTube, Google Maps, etc were bought, not created at Google).

  2. YouTube deleted the channel of Xurious who made synthetic music without any lyrics for 'hate speech'. I guess this is what the market is demanding because private property and NAP.

  3. Google is an SJW breeding ground. News at 11. If you derive your income from anything depending on service provided by Google, congratulations, you're an idiot.