Tuesday, June 11, 2019

So Kim Jung Un Had a Good Reason to Takeout His Half-Brother

Kim Jong Nam
So we have yet another indication that North Korean president Kim Jung Un is not mand and just a typical state actor protecting his power position.

Kim Jong Nam, the slain half brother of North Korea’s leader, was a Central Intelligence Agency according to a source who met on several occasions with agency operatives, reports The Wall Street Journal.

“There was a nexus” between the U.S. spy agency and Kim, the person said.

Kim’s role as a CIA source also is described in a book about Kim Jong Un, “The Great Successor,” written by Anna Fifield, a Washington Post reporter, and due to be published on Tuesday, according to news reports citing excerpts of the book, The Journal reports.

So in other words, if you look at it from the survival perspective of Kim Jung Un and his half-brother as a traitor, it makes sense for Kim to have him taken out.

Kind of like a more intense version of what the US is doing to Julian Assange.

The top state players always protect their position at the top. Hayek nailed this understanding. They are all dangerous and evil.



  1. I remember when this happened and everyone was all surprised and angry that the 'crazy dictator' is out of control. The same people who every week tuned into Game of Thrones were surprised when actual real life Game of Thrones stuff happens.

    1. It's conditioning. They can't make the parallel because they aren't supposed to. Thoughts get compartmentalized in a great number of people where they can't relate a to b on a principle level.

      Ever watch old TV shows like say "The Rockford Files"? How many times did Jim Rockford come against corrupt government? There's even an episode about tech corporations harvesting everyone's data and that was in the 1970s.

      When the reality that sort of fiction is based on happens again people are shocked and then consider such abuses isolated and then week later the next one is the news and another the week after that. Goes on for decades and people can't seem to get how common it is especially since we only hear about those that get caught or selected for prosecution due to the competitive power games.