Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Should Trump Be Blamed For Any Ebola Carrying Congolese Entering the Country?

By Robert Wenzel

The latest scare story is that Ebola-stricken Congolese are crossing the border into the United States.

There are many ways to look at this story. The first is just the nature of Ebola.

According to the Center for Disease Control, Ebola symptoms may appear anywhere from 2 to 21 days after contact with the virus, with an average of 8 to 10 days.

According to the World Health Organization, the disease symptoms can be sudden and include:

Muscle pain
Sore throat

This is followed by:

Symptoms of impaired kidney and liver function
In some cases, both internal and external bleeding (for example, oozing from the gums, or blood in the stools).

So think about this for a moment.

The journey from the Congo to the US border can take months, reports The Washington Post. It starts by crossing the Atlantic ocean and landing in South America than trekking by bus or by foot up to Mexico than to the US border.

There is no way that someone infected with Ebola is going to survive this trip.

But here is the thing.

The new mad dash to the American border is the result of the bombastic focus on the border by Combover man.

Every person in the world who has ever thought of trying to find a better life for himself by trekking to the United States is probably thinking, "Now is my last chance to get to the US before they close the border."

Create urgency is taught in Sales 101. People act when they think the door is closing and Trump is creating the urgency by his idiotic demands of Mexcian authorities about the border.

On top of this, Trump and his border patrol green shirts have slowed processing at the border, thus creating a greater incentive for border crossers to find illegal methods across the borders. A massive border smuggling business of illegals has developed.

Without the slowdowns at the official border crossings, these smuggling businesses would have never developed. The Congolese, assuming they would have even tried without the Combover man created urgency, would have never been able to cross the desert on their own without the Trump-inspired smugglers. They would have crossed at the official borders where they could have been properly monitored (and perhaps put in quarantine for 21 days).

From beginning to end, the increasing intensity of the border patrol problem must be laid at the feet of the immigrant-hating commander-in-chief. He appears to have an inability to understand that the very nature of man is such that it fights against unnatural restrictions. He has no appreciation of free markets, free trade and free people. His attempts at restricting free actions will result, as they always do, in a worse situation and crisis.

Robert Wenzel is Editor & Publisher of and Target Liberty. He also writes EPJ Daily Alert and is author of The Fed Flunks: My Speech at the New York Federal Reserve Bank and most recently Foundations of Private Property Society Theory: Anarchism for the Civilized Person Follow him on twitter:@wenzeleconomics and on LinkedIn. His youtube series is here: Robert Wenzel Talks Economics. More about Wenzel here.


  1. Immigration is just Global Warming for republicans.

  2. Obviously anything you don't like should be blamed on Trump.

    1. Hello, Paul Hansen,

      So far the things we don't like are being caused by Donald Trump.

  3. If a squatter comes into my house and infects me with a disease what is my recourse? The trespass is both a tort and a crime. The infection is a tort.

    What should my recourse be?

    1. Obviously you have to give him all of your stuff, or else you're a racist.

    2. Hello, Grammar Nazi,

      ---" If a squatter comes into my house and infects me with a disease what is my recourse? "---

      Immigrants aren't squatters. The whole country doesn't belong only to you.

      ---" What should my recourse be? "---

      Stay indoors. Cower under your bed in disabling fear of brown people, because they're coming to get YOOOUUuuuuuuu.....!

  4. "There is no way that someone infected with Ebola is going to survive this trip."

    Only if they travel alone. People who are not traveling alone can infect those they travel with. Now if the infection is passed on early in the trip you are still correct but if it passed on later in the trip then someone can still cross into the US in the incubation period. Sure those infected at the beginning of the trip don't make, those got infected towards the end do.

    As to get while the getting is good, this would also apply to the welfare state and any measure to cut it back. If there were rumblings of a welfare wall people would want to get in before it is constructed, qualify for the benefits, and so on. Get grandfathered in. Get whatever status is required before the programs are closed to new recipients.

    1. Hello, Jimmy Joe Meeker,

      ---" [...] but if it passed on later in the trip then someone can still cross into the US in the incubation period. "---

      Perhaps, but under those conditions you posit, that could be anyone, including American Citizens. You wouldn't be able to stop that no matter if your orange-peel champion turns this country into a fortress.

      No one has advocated for immigrants to be eligible for welfare.

    2. It could be any one that patient zero encounters, yes. But his traveling companions are the most likely.

      Many people advocate for immigrants to be eligible for various welfare programs. That's why they can participate in them. I am pointing out that the get while you can attitude increasing the present demand to get into the USA would also exist with a welfare wall being built. People would strive to get established while it was still available. Strive to reach whatever status was required to retain eligibility even after the welfare wall was complete.

  5. Wenzel, you're confusing. I thought unmitigated crossings of the border was a good thing... If I remember correctly, one of the arguments against open borders by one of your commentators was that they bring dangerous diseases...
    Apparently, Trump is to blame for human trafficking, a problem that existed long before he took office. I mean really man? Orange man bad, we get it. Stop letting TDS blind your commentary. It is starting to become very old and tiresome.

    1. Hello, Rob,
      ---" I thought unmitigated crossings of the border was a good thing "---

      You haven't read much, have you? There's no such thing as "unmitigated" crossings. People who cross the border do so because they expect to find jobs and better opportunities. If there are no jobs available, they return to their countries (which is why immigration, on net, has been flat since 2000). How is that "unmitigated"? Crossings ARE mitigated, by THE MARKET.

      ---" [...] one of the arguments against open borders by one of your commentators was that they bring dangerous diseases. "---

      Any human being can bring dangerous diseases to another country including the native-born. Unless you want to advocate for total isolation and for forbidding Americans from traveling abroad, they will continue to travel and bring communicable diseases with them all the time, like HIV as an example (how do you think HIV got into the country in the first place?), rendering the argument that immigrants bring with them *those same diseases* moot.

  6. It is not my fault you have a reading comprehension problem and can't think in more than one dimension at once. I have never advocated for open borders where that means those crossing the border receive payments from the state.

    Second, I have always been against allowing in without quarantine individuals from Ebola countries. (

    The point of the above post is to show how government interference with free markets makes things worse. I understand that Trump fanboys with their Trump sunglasses are blind to this reality. I am writing for the others.

  7. Texas will be happy to send you all the illegals CA can handle. All that 'cheap labor' was so great for their home countries, so think what it could do for CA. Plus CA citizens now to get pay for their insurance as well.

    On the other hand, their are no sane immigration laws. Ending the anchor baby scam would be a good start. No more asylum nonsense either except for white farmers being prosecuted in Africa. We need more immigrants with a Western mindset and pro gun outlook.

  8. That list of symptoms sounds an awful lot like what Progressives get from TDS.

  9. Public health is so last century.