Saturday, June 1, 2019

Sacha Baron Cohen Disses Julian Assange

Sacha Baron Cohen i
Sacha Baron Cohen is a piece of work.

During a recent interview with the Daily Beast, the conversation turned to Pamela Anderson and her divorce from Kid Rock and Cohen comments:

I think they were a fantastic couple, so it’s a shame. Much better than Julian Assange or whoever she dated later on.
Yes, the perfect thing to say about a man that is imprisoned and likely being subject to psychological torture for revealing the truth about US government activities.

The Guardian reports:
Julian Assange is showing all the symptoms associated with prolonged exposure to psychological torture and should not be extradited to the US, according to a senior UN expert who visited him in prison.

Nils Melzer, UN’s special rapporteur on torture, is expected to make his appeal to the UK government on Friday. It comes after Assange, the co-founder of WikiLeaks, was said by his lawyers to be too ill to appear by video link for the latest court hearing of the case on Thursday.

Assange has been moved to the health ward of Belmarsh prison, London, where he has been serving a 50-week sentence for skipping bail while fighting extradition to the US...
“Physically there were ailments but that side of things are being addressed by the prison health service and there was nothing urgent or dangerous in that way,” Melzer said.

“What was worrying was the psychological side and his constant anxiety. It was perceptible that he had a sense of being under threat from everyone. He understood what my function was but it’s more that he was extremely agitated and busy with his own thoughts. It was difficult to have a very structured conversation with him.”



  1. he is just confirming that he is indeed and likely always will be a douche!

    1. And likely some kind of government connected douche (Oxford alum)

  2. I must be humour challenged because I never found Cohen to be the slightest bit funny.

  3. Nope. It's SBC who's humor challenged, since I don't find him funny either. And my sense of humor actually got me a special mention in a dictionary, so I'm sure I've got one.

  4. SBC always seems to have confused humor and sadism.