Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Ron Paul Attacked By LIbertarian Party Chairman

Dr. Ron Paul
This is really off-the-wall.

Adam Dick reports:
You may recall United States Libertarian Party Chairman Nicholas Sarwark, in a December of 2016 interview, denouncing prominent libertarian communicator Ron Paul’s support for states’ rights. In that interview, Sarwark said Paul, who ran three times for US president including once as the Libertarian Party nominee, “had policy prescriptions that were straight-up wrong and anti-libertarian.”
Sarwark is back this week with a fresh denunciation of Paul. Writing in a Twitter thread on Monday, Sarwark insinuates that Paul is a supporter of the governments of China and Venezuela. Following that strange comment, Sarwark suggests that Paul is not opposing “Russian interference in the internal affairs of our government” because, get this, the Russian government secretly backed Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign. Sarwark even tries to back up this Russia nonsense with a preposterous Medium article that you can read here. Go ahead and read the article, for the laughs at least.
For the record, Ron Paul's opposition in the internal affairs of China, Venezuela and Russia is guided more by President George Washington than anything else.

When Washington said in his farewell address:
 The great rule of conduct ... in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible. 


  1. This is the same group that has been running washed up republicans at every election since who? Badnarik?

  2. The LP...the crazy, red-headed stepchild of political parties. What a wackadoodle this guy is...

  3. Could "Used Car Salesman" Nicolas Sarwark be a "Deep State" plant to destroy the Libertarian Party? Similar to how ex CIA agent Evan McMullin tried to sway 2016 election by trying to help elect HRC by running as an Independent.

  4. Murray Rothbard gave up on the "wackos" in the Libertarian Party in the late 1980's. A few years later I became aware that many of them had never read Rothbard, and maybe had not even heard of him. So this is no surprise.

  5. It's comments like this that is why as a libertarian, I am no longer a member of the Libertarian party. Any party, no matter how sincere they mean to rule, still intends to rule, and any person that threatens that power is a threat to the party. The Libertarian Party is no friend to the Non-Aggression Principle, since they want to rule over a greatly-reduced govt that still represents legalized force over the people. If they truly believed in libertarian principles, they would be campaigning to eliminate govt power wherever they could, rather than just minimize it.

    1. Which is why I'm not interested in "sea-steading".

  6. I was active in the Libertarian Party in its early years, the 1970s. Attending a couple of their California state conventions convinced me that if any of these people ever got elected to any meaningful political office they would turn out to be just as authoritarian as anyone the Republicans or Democrats could come up with. Liberty will never be expanded or enhanced by
    participation in mainstream politics.

  7. The libertarian party sucks. RB is correct.

  8. I was in Russian area studies at Virginia Tech back in the 80s. Course I was studying it so I could go kill them Soviet rooskis in foreign countries. Had a British color Sergeant leading our early morning PT at Quantico that summer in 1982 while the argentines and the Brits were fighting it out in the Falklands. Later on as a longterm, deep cover plant, I was National Field director for 6 months for the Ron Paul presidential committee in 2008. So I will now confess to Russian influence.

  9. I was invited by the Vice President of the Alaska chapter of the libertarian party to address the party at the Alaska convention a couple years ago, I was pleased but asked, “are you sure?” After we talked a half hour about politics I was disinvited. They don’t hate the State. They just want to control the gun for themselves.