Thursday, June 20, 2019

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf Calls Out President Trump's ICE Deportation Announcement

Libby Schaaf
Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf says President Trump's announcement Monday night of a campaign to deport millions of undocumented immigrants is, among many things, ironic, reports ABC 7 Bay Area.

"I find it a bit ironic that a president who was so critical of my informing my community about the potential of a raid has himself now warned the entire nation," Schaaf told reporters Tuesday morning.

Last year, Schaff warned her community about a possible ICE raid. The move drew criticism from ICE officials and President Trump, who accused the Oakland mayor of thwarting federal immigration laws and asked then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to consider prosecuting her.

Schaff continues about Trump's tweet, "I hope it is just more mindless rhetoric as he prepares to announce his reelection bid. But we have got to be prepared."

Go Libby!

Oakland is booming right now with cranes everywhere thanks to lack of building obstruction from the mayor's office. Oakland will absorb massive amounts of San Francisco workers who can't find housing in the City of Fog because of intense building restrictions.

Oakland probably has the most undervalued real estate market in the country.

During the next business cycle bust, I am going to be buying aggressively. And if the bust occurs at the same time as a 6.0 or higher earthquake, I am going to sell even my books and clothes (including my socks) for more down payments.


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