Friday, June 14, 2019

NOT GOOD: Elizabeth Warren Draws 6,500 in Oakland

This is a very bad sign.

The most activist aggressive authoritarian among the Democratic presidential candidate is gaining serious traction.

Elizabeth Warren spoke to a crowd of 6,500 at Laney College in Oakland, California on Friday, May 31. The crowd was larger than anticipated, causing a last-minute venue change to the Laney College soccer field.

According to Post News Group, the line stretched for blocks, and many waited for as long as two hours to get into the soccer field.

Her speech was originally scheduled for the college gymnasium but had to be moved Friday morning to make room for the larger crowd.



  1. She is getting serious Oakland! Come on, Bob. Hardly a representative demographic of likely voters nationwide.

  2. Amazing that anyone would go to any politicians speech (other than to see the carnage) let alone wait in line for two hours for one that has been shown to be a liar and a cheat.

  3. Shrieking Grey Beaver speak with forked tongue.

  4. Oakland is a place where people love freedom. From effort. From paying for things themselves. From being disagreed with.

  5. Time for the other 49 states to secede from California before they infect the rest of America with their undesirable ideas.