Friday, June 28, 2019

Night 2 of the Socialists (And One Lover)

Gillibrand interrupting.
Update below: SNL’ star Kate McKinnon does  spot on impression of Elizabeth Warren and Marianne Williamson.

By Robert Wenzel

On Thursday night, the second batch of 10 socialist presidential candidates of the Democratic Party took the debate stage at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami, Florida.

As expected, it was a night where the fundamentals of economics were ignored.  Climate change statements were made as if they were ghostwritten by world's most foremost authority, the late Irwin Corey, and I think I heard a couple of the candidates deny gravity.

But enough talk about what was the substance in the debate.

The most obnoxious on the stage was Kirsten Gillibrand. She interrupted at any point when anyone else on stage or in the audience took a breath. She should be banned from future debates unless she is given the same treatment that Bobby Seale received during the Chicago 8 trial.

Of course, I would pull the Seale treatment if it was just a debate between her and Elizabeth Warren. Special privileges should be given to anyone who interrupts Warren.

Most impressive, in an odd sort of way, was Joe Biden who really somehow almost held it together for two hours and did not mentally slip up. Well, I am grading with Harvard-style diversity grade inflation. When he was asked what he would focus on as president, he replied: "Defeating Donald Trump."

The Twitter crowd was paying attention:

He will fall in the polls, but it is not like being at the controls of a Boeing 737 Max kind of fall.

Kamala Harris went after Biden for, I think, being a racist and specifically trying to stop her from going on a school bus when she was a child. (I'm sure a meme is coming).

Harris was powerful throughout the night exhibiting strong debate skills, while blasting out loony lefty talking points. And she stopped an enormous amount of crosstalk and took control at one point with this line:
 The audience “doesn’t want to witness a food fight. They want to know how we’re gonna put food on the table.” 
She will improve the most in the polls.

Bernie Sanders was the socialist rock that he is, spewing lefty promises without getting into the details of how he was going to pay for all the handouts beyond saying that "the Wall Street bankers" would pay for it.

I really get the sense that he has been secretly reading the books of his high school classmate Walter Block and knows better but he probably thinks that it is too late in his career to shift and do his routine as a stand-up comedy act.

No one else stood out to the point where they will get any major boost. Though there was a super crazy lefty in the far corner of the stage, Marianne Williamson, who will now have more name recognition. She closed by saying something about beating Trump by using "love."

I will end with this.


First 2 minutes:


  1. Congressman Swalwell has, like, zero charisma. I don't expect he'll last long in the race.

  2. I only saw little bits and pieces, but everything I did see amounted to people bragging about how much they increased taxes or how little the other guy increased taxes.