Sunday, June 9, 2019

Kim Jong-un Shows How You Can Smash CIA Propoganda

Hyon Song-wol
Last month, the CIA the South Korean newspaper The Chosun Ilbo reported that Hyon Song-wol, a North Korean pop star, had been executed in 2013 by firing squad on the orders of Kim Jong-un.

According to the paper, she was executed by machine guns.

But North Korea state media announced this week that she has been named the new vice director of the North Korean ruling party’s Propaganda and Agitation Department. And now The Sunday Times of London reports she has been seen in the presence of Kim:
An elegant new right-hand woman to Kim Jong-un has emerged in recent weeks. Hyon Song-wol, the lead singer of the all-women Moranbong Band, who by some reports was once the North Korean leader’s girlfriend, has been at his side for factory visits and last week’s Mass Games opening night.
So much for that machine gun assassination report, put it in the burn bag right next to the Steele pee dossier.

So what is it with the re-emergence of an old Kim flame?

It probably has something to do with the recent report of several killings done on the orders of Kim. Including the murder of Kim Hyok-chol a (former?) top North Korean diplomat.

Also in late May, The Chosun Igbo (again) reported that Kim had ordered his “execution.” This report was covered widely by the American press. But this one has to be reversed as well. CNN now reports that he is alive. It turns out he was at the theatre the other night just a few seats from the North Korean leader.

So what is going on? It is probably Deep State operatives who want to dirty the possibility of any deal between President Trump and Kim. So they need to make Kim look like a mad killer.

So they either plant reports of these executions of people they haven't seen in public for awhile or Kim's propaganda team has skillfully planted misinformation that was bought hook, line and sinker by South Korean and US intelligence services. Don't think for a minute that these kinds of newspaper reports don't occur without the guidance of the South Korean/US intelligence machine.

Kim let the false rumors marinate a couple of weeks, he then shows up in public with the alleged dead.


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