Monday, June 10, 2019

Coming Tomorrow: The Censorship Documents Exposed

From Project Veritas, expect a big drop tomorrow on insider big tech censorship.



  1. Private companies are allowed to censor anything they want according to libertarian code. Why complain about something that doesn't violate NAP?

    1. Organizations other than the state view libertarians as their enemies.

    2. I get your point. But, in a NAP or PPS society, it will be exposés like this that helps us make informed decisions about where to take our business.

      But I'm likely closer to you: I see Big Tech as an arm of Big Gov, and should be attacked as such, their "private ownership" be damned.

    3. That something doesn't violate NAP doesn't automatically mean it's moral or acceptable in a decent society.

      Libertarian legal theory is very narrow: it's purely about what can justify use of violence against others. It doesn't say anything about morality and societal hygiene (such as suppression of aggressive death cults such as socialist movements).

      Complaining, boycotting, and generally raising ruckus about asinine behavior of leftist-run corporations doesn't violate NAP, either.