Monday, June 24, 2019

AntiFa Targets Tucker Carlson’s Home In D.C. Poster Campaign.

AntiFa activists in Washington D.C. have put up posters with the home address of Tucker Carlson’s family. In an effort to “oppose the Alt-Right,” a group called All Out DC has been pasting posters all around the nation’s capital to call upon like-minded activists to rally against the Fox News host, reports Human Events.

According to Human Events, the posters feature Carlson’s face blocked out by the AntiFa three-arrow symbol, his home address, the words “Block the Alt-Right,” and a description of Carlson as an “Influencer,” which reads:
Racist with a huge following and platform, uses it to promote racist dogwhistles.
Carlson is not the only person being targeted by All Out DC. The group also made posters of OANN host Jack Posobiec and Proud Boy founder Gavin McInnes, which it posted alongside stenciled graffiti of U.S. representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.
The Fox News host was the only figure whose home address was written on the posters.
Notes Human Events:
In November 2018, a mob of AntiFa activists associated with Smash Racism DC, rallied outside his D.C. residence. They chanted the words “Tucker Carlson, we will fight. We know where you sleep at night!” Much like All Out DC, the organization posted his address on Twitter, and ordered him to leave town.
During the attack, the group broke his oak door, and security footage captured audio of one of its members mentioning a pipe bomb. Carlson’s wife Susie, who was home alone, locked herself in a pantry until police arrived.
“Here’s the problem, I have four children,” said Carlson in response to the attack on his home. “I never thought twice about leaving them home alone, but this is the reaction because this group doesn’t like my TV show.”
I have pointed out many times that Carlson is a mixed bag (see: here, here and here) but he is solid on anti-war and it is doubtful that AntiFa brings anything to the table other than destruction. They are not friends of liberty, they are friends of violence against freedom.

There is an awful lot where Carlson fails when it comes to liberty but he is not the ultimate problem, state power is, and AntiFa doesn't want state power to end they just want to gain control of it in and rin it an even more vicious way than Carlson advocates.



  1. Tucker Carlson is one of the very few (only?) somewhat right wing voices in the mainstream media who have not been purged (yet).

    1. Tucker literally attacks the free market with every breath. With allies like these, who needs enemies?

    2. You need to learn the definition of the word literally.

  2. Some guys have all the luck.
    I know I’ve written this before, but that crap wouldn’t fly here in Fairbanks Alaska.
    Not that we don’t have socialist here, we do. UAF is here after all.
    But if you are hankering to get your head blown clean off...

  3. I enjoy the way Tucker Carlson exposes the hypocrisy and stupidity of both sides of the aisle. I also appreciate his outlook on immigration and how it needs to be heavily limited as well as an economy that needs to work in the interests of its citizens first. Of course, I know the libertarians don't care about American citizens first.

    1. Poor baby wants help from the guvmint. Imgrints so scary. Capitism so scary! Help me, guvmint! Help me!

      What a loser you are.

    2. For all the taxes I pay (over 50% including F, S & L) you bet I want something from the government. I'd prefer to have some of my money back but since that ain't gonna happen...

    3. Capitalism? Since when is capitalism in play? For instance the H1B program that makes effective indentured servants out of immigrants so they cannot demand market wages which in turn drives down wages for everyone in the affected fields or the very least slows market wage growth. As you know I can go on. Capitalism largely hasn't existed in the USA for the last century. Certainly not since the election of FDR.

      Bring on the capitalism but all of it, not just one tiny facet while everything else remains something else. And before the you have to start somewhere reply, show the route starting in this facet leads to it.

    4. Donxon, you're not making any sense with your ad hominems.

    5. That's not true about the libertarian positions I understand it. I think there has been a lot of work on the favorable economic benefits of immigrants, which may influence the already ant-state regulation predisposition of libertarians, speaking generally. So it may be that, while it never seems like a good idea to leave your front door open to everyone, some libertarians may want more market influence of the labor market that may drive some immigration, and less state regulation. It seems like it should go without saying that no reasonable person wants to let criminals enter there country.

    6. I'm not the one advocating violence against peaceful people, psychoboy.

      It doesn't make any sense to blame the immigrants for welfare or any other crimes of the feds. Did the immigrants set up our welfare system? Take it up with the people who did.

      The IRS has you by the balls. You're too much of a wuss and a loser to do anything about it, so instead you whine for ICE to go grab the immigrants by the balls. It doesn't get your balls out of their grip. You just want to see someone else get squeezed worst. It's pure shadenfreude. Childish intellectual error driven forward by moral cowardice.

      You want to watch your neighbor get stomped on. What the hell is wrong with you?

      Income tax, welfare, war on drugs, social security, domestic spying, endless wars, public schools, indecipherable laws.... which of these problems do you expect to evaporate if we just get rid of the Mexicans? These are all things we did to ourselves.

    7. Donxon, name calling, insult, and assigning despicable desires are not arguments.

      Again, bring on the capitalism. Show me how the present and looser immigration policies of the state bring us to a state of capitalism and liberty from the present situation. Just show me the a to b steps. It's pretty simple.Please show the rational steps from where things are now, starting with what you are arguing for, open migration to what you say you want, capitalism and liberty.

      But you can't show that. You can't convince me rationally so you deploy insults, ridicule, shaming, assignment of made up arguments and so on. Social enforcement of narrative like a leftist.

      You argue that the "IRS has you by the balls". Under an ideal chain of events isn't that what happens to the immigrants and especially their children? Do you want their children and grandchildren to be gripped "by the balls" by the government and its taxation? Do you? Because they will be if they are ideal immigrants.

      I don't expect these conditions to evaporate, but you apparently do. Somehow you think they go away or at least don't get worse with more people. I know that the political fight over taxpayer plunder only makes these matters worse as it expands and it will expand as more people arrive. More government, more government schools, more indecipherable laws, more domestic spying, more social security, more more more more everything of your list and then some. All the while people arguing over the distribution of that plunder for themselves and their groups.

      It's about cleaning up the mess before inviting people over.

    8. Jimmy, you are trying to justify pointing guns at peaceful immigrants and locking innocent children in cages by whining about OUR dysfunctions. That's insane. Do you kick your dog when you lose your wallet? Take it up with congress. Lock them in a cage. The 5 year old from Honduras didn't have anything to do with your enslavement, so leave him the hell alone.

      I want to do business with immigrants, and I don't care if they have a special stamp from the feds or not. I think it insults my freedom as an American that you think you have the right to tell me who I can and cannot do business with. There is no amount of Honduran 5 year olds that you can throw in a cage that will make you more free. You are falling for a trick. It's not even a clever trick.

    9. "you are trying to justify pointing guns at peaceful immigrants and locking innocent children in cages by whining about OUR dysfunctions."

      I've done no such thing. You keep repeating that falsehood to divert from the fact that you cannot show me how adding more to the dysfunction leads to liberty. Why? Because you know it doesn't. It leads away from liberty.

      "There is no amount of Honduran 5 year olds that you can throw in a cage that will make you more free. "

      I never argued it could. In fact in a cage makes me less free as does any other form of government action.

      If you want to house, feed and educate that kid (and several million of his friends), you are free to do so. I'll gladly support your right to bring that kid in, even his family if you're going to provide for them completely within private voluntary market decisions. But you don't want to do that. By default you want the status quo where the state will do it one way or another at the expense of others. Otherwise you would be advocating such a private sponsorship program or something else which largely avoids the forcible extraction of resources from people instead of what you've been doing. That's the simple answer you could have given me many rounds ago, but you didn't.

      And it's clear you still don't care that kid was brought here only to be held by the balls by the state when he becomes an adult and has to pay for yet more rounds of people. It's as if you want him to be as much of slave as those of us already working for the government for about half the year. And that's if he's a success story.

      " You are falling for a trick. It's not even a clever trick."

      You're not only falling for a trick, you're perpetuating one. Enjoy a larger more powerful, more expensive government. You'll get what you are wishing for.

    10. So Donxon, would you want to live in a neighborhood full of Somalis? Would you be ok if your employer replaced with an immigrant for $1 per day? I would be thrilled to have every illegal immigrant kicked out of the country and a good number of legal ones as well. Those people in lockdown along the border are having a way better time of it than in their own countries. I guess cheap labor is not working out in their homeland but somehow it will be great here.

      Yes, I'm for limited government, but I want to be in a community of people that know what that is and it requires they be of Western lineage at beast.

      Here are some Africans pouring into Maine for welfare. Hardworking my you know what:

    11. All of society is much more greatly enriched---including 'Muricans---when the market economy is not steered or centrally-planned, as you would have the government do...

    12. The government or rather those with a lot of influence over it is using immigration to steer and centrally plan the economy and society.

      Simply solve the immigration issue by removing the government's ability to leverage immigration for control. That's the way to solve the issue. Immigration is a non-issue if the state is greatly reduced in size and power. Open migration is a feature of liberty, an effect, not a cause.

    13. So you're saying we have to constrain liberty until such time as we are free.
      Right then.

    14. No you need to constrain government to be free. Otherwise government will increase the dependency and take from you to fund it.

  4. I have never heard an immigration alarmist sound like anything other than a wussy liberal wringing his hands over some moral panic and demanding the guvmint DO SOMETHING! It's just Global Warming for republicans.

    1. “It’s just Global Warming for Republicans.” Great line! I’ll be passing it off (stealing it) as my own next chance I get.

    2. Donxon, spot-on in everything you say, as usual. Not only is prohibitions and interference with the free-movement of people (immigration controls) immoral and unethical, but it's such a clear example of impeding and preventing the free-flow of capital (labor capital), as to make Ludwig von Mises roll over in his grave. LVM would of course dispense with any "natural rights" argument coming into play here, but he would argue until his dying breath (in fact he probably did) that interventions into and dislocations of the market economy such as these are just plain stupid and irrational and illogical.

  5. Why can't someone dox the Antifa leaders the same way?

  6. Jimmy joe, doesn’t it take a larger state, as in more officials and armed guvment goons to secure the borders to keep “them” out?
    Don’t we see an expansion of the federal government when we see road blocks and road side inspections hundreds of miles from the border, because we are trying to keep “them” out? Haven’t they talked about troops on the border? Do any of us ever want to give the Feds the opportunity to use troops in any situation in the country?
    Asking the Feds to do more to keep “them” out is asking for more violations against the people who already live here. Anytime the government can get bigger, it will use it to the maximum benefit of the State, just as it has with the whole 9-11 episode, the State is using immigration to have us beg them to get bigger.
    Taxes aren’t magically going to go down even if they completely shut the border to all immigrants. There’s no way any of us would see a meaningful reduction from that. But I guarantee we will see the bad affects of closing the border in our own personal liberty.