Wednesday, May 29, 2019

What Trump Thinks About Members of His Administration and His Kids

A new book by Michael Wolff, Siege: Trump Under Fire, will be released next week Tuesday.

A Ryan Lizza review of the book provides us with Wolff's report on what Trump thinks about various members of his Administration and of his kids:

“[T]he stupidest man in Congress” and a “religious nut” (Mike Pence); “gives me the creeps” (Karen Pence); “feeble” (John Kelly); “a girl” (Kushner); “looks like a mental patient” (Giuliani); “a pretty stupid boy” who “has too many f---ing kids” (Donald Trump Jr.); “men’s shop salesmen” (Republican House candidates); “ignoramuses” (Trump’s communications team); “the only stupid Jew” (Michael Cohen); “a dirty rat” (former White House counsel Donald McGahn); a “virgin crybaby” who was “probably molested by a priest” (Brett Kavanaugh); “the poor man’s Ann Coulter” (Kellyanne Conway); “sweaty” (Stephen Miller)...
Wolff’s rebels and Trump are co-dependent but clear-eyed about each other. Trump, Wolff writes, likes Lewandowski more than his own sons, even though he derides him as an “ass kisser.” Trump says Bossie, who unsuccessfully maneuvers to become chief of staff, is “shifty.” Nunberg is mocked by the president for living with his parents, and Wolff quotes Trump remarking of Miller, “I get the people who no one else wants.”
Likewise, they have no illusions about Trump. Wolff summarizes the view of the president from the ragtag [Steve Bannon house] Embassy team: Trump is a “clown,” an “idiot” and a “nutter.”


  1. With this revelation the progressives now have the satisfaction of knowing that Trump flings his vitriol
    at his allies as well as his enemies with the same unrestrained nastiness. Not surprising.

  2. Well clearly this reliable source is believable and incredibly brave for putting forth his 100% accurate book. Thank you for sharing this absolutely true story.

  3. Well he isnt called The Idiocrat in Chief for nothing. Clueless hardly begins to describe him.

  4. Will just feed and expand Trump Derangement Syndrome. Wolff is just a close second behind the other Wolf (Naomi) in having their books credibility destroyed upon launch!

    His last book on Trump was a flaming piece of crap too!

    As a public service, we should all go in to bookstores and place this where it truly belongs: The Fiction section.

    I predict Avenetti-like bookings for him on the MSM propaganda loop: CNN, MSNBC, ABC/NBC/CBS, The VIEW!