Tuesday, May 14, 2019

WARNING: The Green New Deal is About Advancing Socialism

The socialists are using modern-day versions of Leninist strategies. They will align with any cause that moves them in the direction of socialism.

They are in this way much more movement sophisticated than ass-backwards libertarians who think supporting new forms of government intervention is a way to shrink government.

The Lefties get alliances and direction of movement.

The Washington Examiner does a great job of explaining what the Green New Deal is really all about:
Left-wing author Naomi Klein declared from the stage of the Green New Deal rally on Monday night, “Tonight, you saw Ed Markey come out as a Democratic eco-socialist!"

It was no lie. Markey, a Democratic senator from Massachusetts, had just gotten a standing ovation from the crowd by shouting (oddly enough, on behalf of windmill and solar companies), “Give us some of that socialism.”

In these moments, and more broadly in the rollout of the Green New Deal, it is laid bare what critics of left-wing environmentalism have always said: The green movement is less about improving the environment and more about increasingly concentrating power in the central government.
Klein is a left-wing agitator whose 2015 book argued climate change provided a perfect excuse to abridge economic freedom and build a command economy. As a sympathetic left-wing reviewer put it, “Klein suggests that climate change presents an opportunity to build political power on a vast scale “

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