Monday, May 13, 2019

VIDEO Super Neocon Victoria Nuland Denies Being Part of Meeting with Steele

Victoria Nuland
 Sergei Millian writes:
Victoria Nuland’s role in meeting with TATIANA? Her answers do not make sense.What role she played in Dossier scenario? -"I actively chose not to be part of that briefing." -"I was not aware of it until afterwards." Something is very wrong here folks.
Also, note in the clip below,
Senator Burr asks Nuland when she first became aware of Steele's efforts and she answers a different question. She states the date she first saw part of the dossier. First seeing part of the dossier and knowing when the effort started are two different things.

Video here.


  1. I'm sorry... You were unaware of the briefing until afterwards... the briefing you actively chose not to be a part of? Or maybe you actively chose not to be a part of it after you became aware that it had already occurred? I know that these congressional hearings are useless and are only PR stunts, but how do you let her make those statements without challenging that? I personally think you should be able to lie before congress all you want, but I think currently it is considered a crime to perjure yourself...

    1. Well, call me old - fashioned, but in my book, lying is LYING!